Wednesday, July 27, 2005

'RAM' naam satya hai

Back in Surat.
My Comp's RAM ran out of ideas, so it crashed.
Final year is no different- SSDD
It was too hot a few days back,looks like it'll rain cats and dogs now.(hope it does)
No net in the hostel as of yet, so blogging can wait!
Till then enjoyThis
Feels good to be back though.

Friday, July 01, 2005

'Design's for my vacations!!

So, here I am at Ray and Keshavan in Bangalore. And I am here as a 'trainee'. What is an engineering student doing here??. That's one question that I've faced something like 2,354 times and unlike each time I've been patient enough to answer this question. I've been interested in media,TV,newspapers, advertising and related fields. So, I thought it'd be good for me to pick up something new and interesting during these vacations. This is in no way related to #include or MOV A,B or compilers or the stuff that we are taught in the class, the knowledge of what goes on here would do me no harm. So, is R&K an ad agency?. NO, it is not an ad agency, it is a DESIGN agency. Now that I'm going to spend some time here, in my subsequent posts, I'll write about how design is different from advertising and the interesting people here starting from today.

Sitting beside me here is Vikrant(Vikivix). Vijay(about whom another long post is waiting to be written) tells me Vikrant's a genius. I couldn't agree more(As I write this Vikrant's so immersed, he's not aware that I'm writing about him!). He's got a blog too. Here and His Homepage. He's also 'The Computer Person' at R&K fixing everything from the network problems to maintaining the websites of clients. I just now asked him for an 'interview' and he's busy!!.Will keep nagging him and will know more about him and post.

Though I've never spent so much time in an 'office'.(The last thing I remember is going to my father's office as a kid and 'spending time there' when his colleagues would get me lots of chocolates!), R&K is unlike any other 'office',it doesn't even look like one from outside!! The atmosphere is very informal, no 'Sir' or 'madam', sharing each other's lunch and with music in the background, one couldn't have asked for a better 'workplace'!!But, with all the 'informality', it is serious work that goes on here. Guru has travelled a lot doing research on a major confectionery company which has come to R&K to help them with newer design to boost their flagging sales. Am currently with Guru doing a bit of research, a bit of searching,a bit of surfing and a bit of chatting!! But am getting to learn so many things here. How will all this help me?? Only time will tell. But as now am enjoying it.

Plans to watch Sarkar(We have a girl Sarkar though in our college!!) with Ram and the rest of our group today.

So, it's Nikhil (de)signing off from R&K with Guru,Vikivix,Vijay, Anjali and Kirti in the 'happening' room!. More on others in the 'serious' room in subsequent posts.

P.S. I have plans to go for higher studies- Final Year of Computer Engineering at NIT.Surat!!