Monday, April 04, 2005

Who the hell wants to do engineering???

OK,Me and Shashank are like the most jobless people around(with our group, of course).We are literally jobless too,yet to be placed you see!!.

Following is the entire transcript of the conversation we had over yahoo messenger.It might make no sense at all, but I'm sure shashank and me had a very good time whacking our brains. Actually coming up with things like this gives me more joy than being a topper in exams.(More joy than second in technical,eh Skunk??..n me third..what say??balls to that:))

Exams fast approaching and NEO asking me to sleep??

The next few days might see me not blogging at all or coming with a flurry of posts as to how engineering sucks...that'll also make for good reading,don't worry!

6 months back B.E== Best is Engineering(IIMA SPIC trip)
4 months back B.E== Best is Engineering (IIMA CHAOS trip)
3 months back B.E== Best is Engineering (SPIC week)
2-1 months back B.E== Best is Engineering(MINDBEND - informals,COCKTAIL)
15 days back B.E== Still,Best is Engineering
5 days back B.E== Bereft of Emotions(schedule announced!)
now......... k.. enuf of bullshitting... BACK TO ENGINEERING...
sha_100_100: u there?
getnikhil2002: yeah...
sha_100_100: tht 4th april was a trap.... technical rap....u walked into it
getnikhil2002: will u please crap.........cut the crap?
sha_100_100: btw i came second in our test today.... got 22 in technical.... one of the highest
getnikhil2002: that is sash(ay)ing............ simply smashing....
getnikhil2002: calls for a greet---------grand treat
getnikhil2002: if a cat has had a good meal... will it say it was a purrfect meal?
sha_100_100: if a dog chases a leopard instead of a cat... wont u say its barking up the wrong tree?
getnikhil2002: are good females supposed to use sane(i)tary napkins?
sha_100_100: how do girls throw away the sane(i)tary napkins?
sha_100_100: ti-shoo
getnikhil2002: why are there no females in your cLASS?
sha_100_100: becos LSASS VULNERABLE
sha_100_100: .exe
getnikhil2002: isn't it a bit missleading....this word called cASStratred??
sha_100_100: ya i think it should rather hv been cass'TREATED'!
getnikhil2002: the university vice chancellor has become inVCble
sha_100_100: wud u take incest in zest?
sha_100_100: speaking of miss leading .... what do u think abt the word 'AWAY'lable?
getnikhil2002: this novel HARD times by charles DICKens...
getnikhil2002: somebody passed away... he went to paraDIES..
sha_100_100: and this character master bates in oliver twist.... this DICK(ens) really knew how to twist and screw things
getnikhil2002: guess he had an UNCANNY KNACK of screwing things..... probably was a meCANNYcal engineer..
sha_100_100: god doesnt play dice.... he just makes sure the guy dies
getnikhil2002: if you proposed a girl from electrical... will she reFUSE?
sha_100_100: rather a ME-CANNY-KAL from the past
getnikhil2002: will pumelo get a FAIRwell??
sha_100_100: oh my god .... that trical girl is 'circuit'
sha_100_100: can an impotent guy get a wel'cum'?
getnikhil2002: who's a gujju guy who is sexually inactive?? cum less === kamlesh...
sha_100_100: what do u call a fat wedded couple
sha_100_100: what do u call a fat wedded GUJJU couple
getnikhil2002: ??
sha_100_100: MARRY GO ROUND
sha_100_100: did u hear abt the screeching prostitute>?
sha_100_100: did u hear abt the screeching prostitutes?
getnikhil2002: no...
sha_100_100: the WHORES were HOARSE
getnikhil2002: ok u r talking abt the that one prosTITute...
sha_100_100: do u know what el'L'e can do to u?
getnikhil2002: if prostitutes had a school... how would they be evaluated..
sha_100_100: she can change u from affable to 'L'affable
sha_100_100: how
getnikhil2002: they would be evaluated on the basis on prostutorials,,,PT in short
sha_100_100: what is the answer?
getnikhil2002: they would be evaluated on the basis on prostutorials,,,PT in short
getnikhil2002: even in deFEAT ... a person achieves a FEAT
sha_100_100: and that person is also EATing
sha_100_100: btw how did u upload htose photos>
getnikhil2002: how will a female customer walking to a gigolo ask two questions in one sentence?
getnikhil2002: are you stRATE?
getnikhil2002: is better i guess...
sha_100_100: what is a male prostitute playing in a band called>? ...this ones a sitter.....
sha_100_100: a jigole
sha_100_100: a 'jig'olo
sha_100_100: sorry its a 'gig'olo
getnikhil2002: how will the lead singer scold the guitarist??
sha_100_100: how
getnikhil2002: you BASStard..............
getnikhil2002: type in here ,,,,guess HERsha's left....continue here,,,
getnikhil2002: yeah even ppl have been telling me abt this,,,but seriously it does take some brains to thINK this way......
sha_100_100: my sha?
getnikhil2002: ??
sha_100_100: some BRA IN wat>
getnikhil2002: i'm blind.... i know BRA ILLA(e) ...
sha_100_100: a blind tamil girl is ????
getnikhil2002: ??
sha_100_100: BRA ILLAD
sha_100_100: i think ive reached SATURation point.....its 4 am on a saturday
getnikhil2002: and we still haven't sLEFT...
getnikhil2002: ok.. we'll stop after i sEND you this message...
sha_100_100: and ill give you some bYES

Friday, April 01, 2005




Had been to my relative's place in this town called Ranebennur in North Karnataka.I wouldn't say the journey was uneventful, coz whenever I travel I make it a point u usually travel by the general compartment(GC) and chat with co-passengers and 'quiz' them about the place,it's history, the delicacies(yes food!).Believe me,that's a very nice way to spend time while travelling apart from spending time with books and magazines.

Had just watched SWADES then,and had a camera to boot.So just let the photographer in me come alive and took a few photgraphs.

P.S. Is it a mere coincidence that "Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera" is playing in the background?