Monday, January 31, 2005

EverYthINg'S In ThE naME!

We've had lots of arbit translations of indian names especially the marathi,bong,mallu ones....heard many like .. what is a dashing mallu called--debonair...haha haha funnny!!!!

Here are some more coined by yours truly.. and i'd be damned if i don't acknowledge the inputs of my fellow PJ's(poor jokers).....

Here we go.....(I seem to use this a lot!!)

1.A woman with three cows..."gaya"three....GAYATHRI!!!

2.A woman with hundred cats...."sou"meow....SOUMYA!!!!

3. A woman who knows the hindu scriptures..."sung""geeta"...SANGEETA!!(too vague!)

I'm no male chauvinist but haven't come across anything for the male names...additions to this list would be welcome....

Well well...
I have indeed come across one for a male name ....

that makes it 4 ...5 infact if you include ellie's(??ram's??) pushpa..

5.Ram after having an energetic meal......strength==bal in hindi so...BALRAM!!
(now SVNITians no arguments on that ..balram IS a male name!!!)

still seeking for some more additions...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

ME (ALWAYS) ON THE RIGHT (SIDE)!!! Posted by Hello

My Idea of a hangover!!!! Posted by Hello

ThE LasTBencherS' SOng!!(incomplete!)

Sitting in the last bench,
Far away from the hostel stench,
Our knowledge thirst we are here to quench,
Sitting in the last bench!!

This teacher makes our guts wrench,
This period seems like a never ending trench.
But,our knowledge thirst we are here to quench,
Sitting in the last bench.!

Away from all this, in heavy rains we want to drench
Dancing with girls Brit,American and French!!
But, dreaming of all this our knowledge thirst we quench,
Sitting in the last bench!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

My CoLLegE(written for JAM magazine!)




SVNIT -unofficial prospectus….


SVNIT….(Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology) Conferred the status
of a deemed university 2 years back (REC to NIT). But for the local public it was, is and will be SVR. Perhaps they’ll never know the value of such an institution in their city, this is what irked the
College public earlier, but now even they don’t care.

LOCATION:::Some 10 kms from the railway station, in one of “the posh”est areas in Surat. Say SVNIT and you are sure to find some raised eyebrows… say SVR and you’ll see the faces relieved. For the locals it is still “Just another engineering college”.

CAMPUS::Vast is an understatement. During summer, students have to literally sweat it out to reach college from the hostels. Resembles a jungle, the local public flocks the campus for their morning and evening walks (perhaps, one more reason people know about the college!) .a huge lung space amidst a dense concrete jungle, surrounded by high-rises. With the departments situated quite far from each other, people find it difficult to catch up with folks from other departments. People generally “bump into” each other in the canteen or the C-Center (The Internet Center-great). Had six boys' hostels and an "h-7". With a new boys' hostel already up and basketball courts (two, flood lit), things are slowly but surely looking up.( the floodlights are very tall!!)

FACULTY:::mostly natives. try their level best to make the students "gate" whatever they teach. . By far mechanical has the best faculty( A -grade NAAC accreditation). With lots of phds,doctorates,articles in international journals , it boasts of being one of the best in western India. The mech HOD even has a constant named after him(Channiwala constant). The other departments are also equally competent. Civil has an A grade too. Some grumbles are heard in the electronics department about the lack of permanent faculty, but it is made up with the placements. Some blooper jewels… “work(it) out in the hostel and come ”. Overall, students are happy and so is the faculty.

From the hi-five yo-man to bhaag bh%#*d types. From mallus to sikkimese, bongs to gultis, presents a true picture of national integration. Mostly bakar crowd ...can spend the entire day doing bakar in the canteen or near the gate. Mostly north Indian, has a southie G.S. Has lots of “fundoos”along with the usual quota of padhaakoos. You won’t get bored here on the campus that’s for sure. Gate, ichchhanath school, senti bridge , canteen . .few of the places to find the crowd.. or ask Sunil chaiwalla for that matter!.(See there was no mention the fairer sex, was there??).

The new boy’s hostel is heaven (except for the mosquitoes!). Departments are also being refurbished with a.c seminar halls complete with multimedia projectors. With hostels being connected to the world wide web… no qualms at all for now… maybe the junta will start thinking about the library “building”, hostels.. And well, it can go on. But as said earlier things are changing for the good.

Hangouts :::::

For the “I’m –always- short- of –cash” crowd here, thelas(carts serving food on roads) are just what their pockets are happy with. Patiala shahi, lakhnavi, lovely are some names you’ll get to hear. Otherwise there are places like Priya, Classic, sugar and spice(bada),woodlands…there are quite a few of decent ones .then there always a Pizza Hut or a Smokin’ joe’s for the occasional treat. Valentine , city pulse -multiplexes for movies , rajhans, kinnari are the other halls. For the coffee pastry types there’s always cup-o-coffee or a sugar-n spice (chhota). But no place better than the gate or jaywalking on god -dhod road!

Perhaps the best thing to JAM about! Cheap and decent food. With a TV to boot, atmosphere resembles a carnival during cricket matches. “Do mein teen masala” is the most heard shout. Popular choices can change from time to time.. the canteenwallah tells me now it is “sambar samosa”(national integration eh??)


Has a rock band “ sonic mayhemz”. Many committees like ISTE, SPIC MACAY, CHRD, L&D, DRISHTI(tech) organise events through out the year. But the same crowd turns up for every event. MINDBEND (tech fest) and SPARSH (cul fest) are major crowdpullers. Has one budding canteen quiz club too named “Su chhe”.

Those eligible invariably get placed. All top-notch IT companies, mech. companies come for placements. Comp, tronix, mech. lead the way with others not far behind. Current figure around 200 and in the coming years it can only go up.

Latest news.::: With AIEEE, the “quality”(yeah ,your guess is right) of the crowd is improving and can only get better in the coming years. And yes the hostels are all wired up with LAN and internet connections, but “h-7” is not connected to the boys’ hostel!

………………………………………………….. A “shake”ing SVNITian. (that's me !why i'm called so is another shaky story!)

An oDe To EnGiNEeRiNg

For people like me so profane,
Hope engineering doesn’t go in vain.
These thoughts I must entertain,
So as to remain sane!

The days I’ve spent are umpteen;
Thinking what does engineering mean.
From what I’ve heard and seen,
It’s not all shine and green.

Is it all circuits and study kits?
Or is it all machines and tests unforeseen?
Or is it studying all night,so that is not
Dust that we bite.

Then how were the computers invented?
Not to mention , the internet.
And the mobiles too and, god only knows,
What’s coming next!

For those who think the same too,
Maybe we’re missing a point or two!
Maybe we should look beyond the class lectures
At the big picture!

My first StoRy!!!!!

Where do I begin? Like any other teenager who thinks he can do anything under the sun and somethings even beyond that!, I’m also setting out to write a book (a book??!)[There haven’t been many teenage “authors” , have they?] I have a “novel” idea of writing a book directed at teenagers, as I've realized after my recent short pursuit of reading as a serious hobby (If you can call it so after reading a few Forsyths, Ludlums, Haileys, Grishams, Archers, Sheldon- well most of them!! and a few Dan Browns too thrown In for a good measure!)))

The main protagonist of my book will be Abhay -the fearless a hero who fights against all odds..... ---- Hey wait a minute!!! Wouldn’t that be the same dramatic s@#t!!!! People do like heroes, but then wouldn’t people like a book with characters that they'd identify themselves with. [[[That’ll mean my book will sell more and if I really become that celebrated "celebrity" which I hope will get me an entry Into one of those page 3 parties .Man,after seeing (NDTV 24 * 7 NIGHT OUT) and reading (on page 3 ofcourse!) I desperately want to visit one of those parties to find out why the hell do they get so much airtime and eat up newsprint so that we know what (un)dress was a particular drunk lady wearing!!]]]] . Oh, back to the story!!!

So, we'll call our main protagonist Rahul!!(Where In India would you not find a person named Rahul after those countless Shahrukh movies in which he's called Rahul in each of them? That'll give my book a wide reach, wouldn't it? If the main character is say Pattabhi Subramanya Shrihari! Naidu Why would a Bengali bother to read it? And remember my book has to have maximum reach!!! )) How about a girlfriend for Rahul?? ((Forgive my engineering brains for obsession with girls!! I hope engineers will understand this better!!!!))) . But then aren't only "heroes" supposed to have girlfriends!!!?? . Maybe we’ll introduce a girl later in the story like an Item song In Hindi phillums (a bad joke huh!!)

Ok so Rahul is neither a topper nor a person who flunks, managing just about marks to be called average to good at academics. But then he isn’t noticed by many people. My book will cover things that Rahul goes through (Even ordinary people can have memorable and enjoyable experiences, but again who hears them?? )))

All Is quiet until this happens to Rahul one day .... He Is ........ ... . .. . . . . . .

Hey you, at the last bench. What are you writing?? Tell me how wIll you transfer a data of 16 bytes to a memory of 8 bytes??(( I "bite" my teeth In frustration here!!]] If you not concentrate In my lucture!! u are mercilessly out!!!! . Get out now.

Sir, I'm sorry sir.... I ...was......

No first you get out second you talk!!!!

I get out

End of story

End of my book.!!!!!!!!!!!

ThE BeGiNinG

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour . Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore . Dream .Discover"
- Mark Twain

Twenty years from now , i don't want to be disappointed for not blogging, hence started this blog!(From now on you will have to get used to such poor jokes!).

I write. I don't know what to call them. Was thinking for a long time of posting things on the net for fear of losing the paper pieces and with our college being gracious enough to provide(allow would be proper i guess!) internet in the comfort of our hostel, now i can write and post from the coziness of my not- so -cozy hostel room.

So here i am. Setting out on what i hope will be a freewheeling,enriching,educating,"fun"ny

journey meeting and discovering new people on the way, sharing,learning new things which i'm sure will keep the writer in me alive.
You see, I don't want to be disappointed twenty years from now!