Wednesday, January 19, 2005

An oDe To EnGiNEeRiNg

For people like me so profane,
Hope engineering doesn’t go in vain.
These thoughts I must entertain,
So as to remain sane!

The days I’ve spent are umpteen;
Thinking what does engineering mean.
From what I’ve heard and seen,
It’s not all shine and green.

Is it all circuits and study kits?
Or is it all machines and tests unforeseen?
Or is it studying all night,so that is not
Dust that we bite.

Then how were the computers invented?
Not to mention , the internet.
And the mobiles too and, god only knows,
What’s coming next!

For those who think the same too,
Maybe we’re missing a point or two!
Maybe we should look beyond the class lectures
At the big picture!

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