Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Alive and kicking rain water.

I'm totally alive, reminded of it by the innumerable near-life experiences! Lots to be written, but here's something to see!

In ancient times, people used to write letters and drop them in these boxes and they would be physically delivered. Silly people, no? Interesting that e-mail clients use the Post Office Protocol, generally known as (POP3)

Today, April 24th is Dr. Rajkumar's birthday. Dr. Raj, Annavru as he is affectionately called is the Father (err, Brother?) of Karnataka?! You will always remain in our hearts and (on FM radio and TV), Dr. Raj.

Fans wishing Dr. Raj comes back. You will find such hoardings all over Bangalore.

An auto-stand in memory of Dr. Raj. But it's Shankar Nag who's still the auto-wallah's favourite.

A PG accommodation ad on ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) Housing Colony board. Does it mean they provide accommodation in space?

Accommodation in a bin?! This PG business is big, bin or space or otherwise.

Good Morning, child!