Sunday, February 27, 2005

10 ways to irritate your hostelmates!

Here are 10 ways to irritate your hostelmates.

Statutory Warning: Using any of the below means might lead to .. many things!!Try and see!

10.The classic: Lock them up inside their rooms or in the bathrooms when they are bathing!

9. Take their buckets and mugs and don't return them for days, weeks or even months.

8. Barge into their rooms, stand idle for 5 mins and come back.

7. After 5 mins again do no.8

6. Just go to the mike and shout " AS-3 Bharath phone hold hai --ghar se phone hai." .Mr.Bharath is fast asleep,wakes up runs to the mike and finds out that there was no phone call.The next morning you tell him that was probabaly a dream!

5. Diwali time,knock on the door,the bechara opens the door and before he realises DHUM, the cracker bursts right infront of him!

4. If your hostels are all wired up with LAN,spam them asking their opinions on spamming!

3. Cold winter nights, go infront of the mess with a plate and spoon sound a bell, people assemble thinking it was a tea-bell. And when they realise that was a hoax join them in abusing the culprit and leave!!

2.Old one but still,use their tooth paste,hair oil, shoe polish,vaseline,.. most importantly water which they take all the trouble to fill. Better still empty the bottle.

1.Play songs like KYUNKI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI on full volume on your computer, lock your room and go out of the hostel on Sundays!and rejoice you've just disturbed their hafte bhar ka sleep!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Time for a P.J (Poor Joke, for starters!)

Seriously, quite busy these days doing something on the 'creative' side!(Will write shortly(not lengthwise!)).But still squeeze in some time for P.J.s rather they come naturally to us.

Ok,So here it is ..



What did i write? Nothing.
Who is a person who has nothing.POOR
So, that was a POOR JOKE!!!

P.S I'm glad people reading it are not around. When I told this to people here, they actually tried to smash me!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

My Class!!!!

I commited a grave, unpardonable sin yesterday.Not only did i bunk all theory classes but also bunked the lab of the most "feared" lecturer in our department. The reason was simple ..I found no convincing reason to attend apart from the mere perfunctory physical presence. One might wonder what difference would it make if I spend 2 hours sitting in the lab, but the simple reason is that when something doesn't convince me, I don't venture into it.And what difference is it going to make on "paper"??.. I might probably get 34 if not 36 out of 50 in that practical. Now should I go on about how i have lost faith in the system.......I guess not!

What was most interesting was the reactions that my actions generated.A few who were genuinely concerned "gyaan"ed me on the negative fallouts of such actions...few looked up to me as a hero achieving the impossible.....[they'd probably have never done such a thing and must be craving for such an "achievement"!!].Most of my classmates though have given up all hopes on me because:

1.I'm the only one of the four or five who bunk(YES ONLY FOUR OR FIVE!)
2.Do "useless" things like attending quizzes, SPIC(again!!!),"committee" work in the college
3. I talk in the class !!!!
4.While the learned ones teach , I write things like this!!!

Some people never look beyond the textbooks and in our case programs and computers(yeah the monitor obscures their view i guess!!)

I'm in such a class where things like bunk, proxy or even the mention of these generates an alien feeling!! All that is supposed to happen in movies rt???. My class is more "funny" than "fun". Of course every class on this earth has its share of nerds and geeks, but when most people feign sincerity and self-righteousness, it does get a bit irritating.Though I must admit(I'm being very frank here) that initailly I had nothing but utter disdain for my class, I
did try and open up myself to their views and opinions, and how much ever i try our frequencies don't seem to match .. and I'm still trying..!!

What I cannot fathom is that none(except 2 or 3 .. I can count!) of my classmates participate in any extra-currics and neither does any of them come up with some hi-funda Project or a program! Then,what is the use of going through the motions of attending classes for mere “academic” interest and ironically enough we do not get marks . So my funda is, When you are going to get screwed anyway, why not!!

I might be taking a high(or is it low) moral ground here and just looking through my “spectacles” , but for a person who’s been never quiet in a class in my school and 11th , 12th days, this lull and inactivity seems a bit unsettling!!!

P.S. As luck would have it, the teacher whose lab I bunked took a surprise test today and needless to say, got screwed.Perhaps, I deserved that!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

a(MUSE)ing Valentines' Day

"20 years and still no 'girlfriend'"…when someone in the canteen remarked casually, only then did I realize the "gravity" of the situation. I might sound naive(maybe) and ignorant (I’m not), but I'm still not very clear with this funda of 'girlfriend'.

Are they someone whom you consider as one more of your conquests and parade them
as your victory spoils or as it happens here, go out to movies and dinners and scamper back to the hostel by 9:30 in the night and everyone at the gate hoots at the couples.!!
[ I must confess that those are still uncharted territories for me and any info given might just be at the face value] .But i guess(my guesses are mostly true, quizzer you see!!), that is mostly what happens.

Perhaps i spelled out my idea of a 'girlfriend' while we were returning from our daily late night coffee jaunts and i broached this subject of boyfriends and girlfriends being objects of show and was actually surprised when they asked me,” What more do you want?!” When I told them that i 'wanted' someone who likes and does the same things as me and them and that the only difference would probably be in the gender, they all went into a collective gasp giving me a feeling that i was demanding too much. I guess I’m justified in being that ‘demanding’.

I probably do not have my way with girls, not being that overly courteous, sweet-talking chivalrous person. I also cannot get the hang of these symbolic expressions, gestures and these so-called 'undercurrents'. On Valentine’s Day, I wore a black shirt which I later came to know meant asking girls 'not to dare' to come near me.[green==already booked, White= available, yellow==space for two???!!!] . Now tell me, when I wake up at 10 and my classes start at 10:30, i don't think of what colour I wear. Now I wonder did me wearing the black shirt that day "shoo" away any girls?? I think not, because i hardly expected any to come up to me and.....

Now,I guess( again!!) that probably has something to do with the way people are branded in the college , similar to typecasting in C or C++...!!!. once you are categorized and irrespective of whatever you do(good or bad), you remain branded forever. This used to affect me earlier, but have broken free of that now. NEVERMIND--Cobain comes to my rescue .So who am i??( Again a guess!) I am that head-shaking guy who fools around cracking poor jokes. I've been called many more things on the same lines, and I definitely enjoy all this because I know there's much to me than just this.

What people here don't realise or know is that one cannot humour the corporates, the media people, the artists(SPIC!!!), people at quizzes, judges at various debates and public speaking contests with just poor jokes , it takes something more than that!!!Ofcourse being humorous and funny comes naturally to me, but there's also a serious, thoughtful, analytical side to me.

But , Why am i writing all this now???

Too serious????, lets tone down the rhetoric a bit. I did indeed miss having a girlfriend coz we couldn’t win the treasure hunt in the college because there were two clues near the girls’ hostel.. Now that is one area where we rarely venture towards.....Now did I miss having one just for the treasure hunt or..........??!!!!

Whatever people may think and say... this is what i think


BUT..BUT... I have a hunch which tells me I'm going to meet another clown someday and THAT.. will be serendipity!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Just a thought!!!

Was feeling real sick a few days back(not physically!!) and was wondering if i'd let it all come out here.But then i thought i'd be betraying my dear diary!! And anyways when one is clear about things he/she does or has done and reflects over them.. things tend to go on a bit smoother!!

But will share all my interesting here!! and that can mean many things...

P.S I'm OK now!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2005


I have a confession to don't expect me to get all sentimental...even valentine's day is drawing closer!!!

Whenever in the past I've said that I've been busy, 98.25%of the time I was lying. But now when i say i've been really busy for the last 10 days or so, i really mean it.Was busy working for an organisation called SPIC MACAY ( for those of you who have no idea what that is.. visit

And read this after you've visited the site..

I am involved in it since my first year(am in third year now),actually my seniors drew me into this and i'd be ever thankful to them for that.(how seniors and ragging have contributed in me being the way i am will probably require another blog!)

Ok,so yours truly is the PRO(Public Relations Officer!!,sounds too fancy??).I'm supposed to take care of the press,media,publicity ,the public... . OK the TIMES OF INDIA correspondent here didnot print a word about our event, but what the heck, he gave me free passes to watch BLACK in the best possible seats in the best multiplex in the city!!!!!

But since we are just a handful of people doing this we end up doing up all things from cleaning chairs in the auditorium to hosting the show!!(done both this time!)

In addition ,went to people to give invitations, went to the corporates for sponsorship,took care of the sound system, mike ...uff so many things....and i wasn't lying when i said i was busy.

So we condut concerts by eminent artists on a mini-marriage scale perhaps what is missing is the pair to be married and the food served after it!!!

I can't put into words the things that i learnt and the experiences that i had after these events ,things ranging from convincing the corporates to sponsor your events(best possible practice for an interview!!!), taking care of the artists and putting up with their demands and just managing in the nick of time to meet them......The confidence that it brings in you is immense and am sure will keep in good stead in future.

And finally ,SPIC MACAY and my spectacles seem to have a strange relationship. They break whenever something related to SPIC MACAY comes up . October last year we had been to ahmedabad for the SPIC MACAY annual convention my eyes!! broke just before we boarded the train..and it was a sunday the next virtually went blank for that day!!!

And even this time around, i was just trying to tghten a screw and the frame gave up. Had to get a new frame done and that marks the end of this blog titled SPEC MACAY!!!!!

P.S. I seem to have forgotten the fact that I am studying engineering, but let me confess i enjoy doing such things rather than stare at the blue screen in my computer lab and write programs!!!!!! Somebody please make me realise that I need to do a bit of engineering also!!