Sunday, February 27, 2005

10 ways to irritate your hostelmates!

Here are 10 ways to irritate your hostelmates.

Statutory Warning: Using any of the below means might lead to .. many things!!Try and see!

10.The classic: Lock them up inside their rooms or in the bathrooms when they are bathing!

9. Take their buckets and mugs and don't return them for days, weeks or even months.

8. Barge into their rooms, stand idle for 5 mins and come back.

7. After 5 mins again do no.8

6. Just go to the mike and shout " AS-3 Bharath phone hold hai --ghar se phone hai." .Mr.Bharath is fast asleep,wakes up runs to the mike and finds out that there was no phone call.The next morning you tell him that was probabaly a dream!

5. Diwali time,knock on the door,the bechara opens the door and before he realises DHUM, the cracker bursts right infront of him!

4. If your hostels are all wired up with LAN,spam them asking their opinions on spamming!

3. Cold winter nights, go infront of the mess with a plate and spoon sound a bell, people assemble thinking it was a tea-bell. And when they realise that was a hoax join them in abusing the culprit and leave!!

2.Old one but still,use their tooth paste,hair oil, shoe polish,vaseline,.. most importantly water which they take all the trouble to fill. Better still empty the bottle.

1.Play songs like KYUNKI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI on full volume on your computer, lock your room and go out of the hostel on Sundays!and rejoice you've just disturbed their hafte bhar ka sleep!!


HaVoC said...

nice post man .. enjoyed this one ..
btw i didnt get which college you're studying in..

Debprotim said...

An interesting say the least.
It seems such pranks are common to all hostels.
My friends usually finish off my water and then i have to go all the way down to get some.......very frustrating indeed!
Yes, Vaibhav Tiwari is still around in IITKgp. He in his 5 th yr n will be passing out this may.
Nice blog man, but must add links to ur friends blogs.

Aashish Ramdas said...

Nice set. I'll give you a few that I experienced.

1. Prerequisite: 2 Oriyas in your wing, and at two ends of it.
Shout "Maagya" in the corridor, and watch them both come out and abuse each other with more "Maagya"s. Works at any time of the day.

2. Ignore your roomie for two/three days and then when he's sure that he's done something horrendous to you, you say "Chal yaar... forget it, ok?"

3. Switch your phone number with your roomie's gf's number. Have fun coochie-cooing with him at night.

Nikhil said...



Nikhil said...


Nikhil said...

oops sorry.. that was a typo!!!


sisya said...

lo magaa..supeerrr...
thnx for visting my blog too.

anubhav said...

now this one u missed ..probably the most easy one...

knock..(twice atleast) and run away...or knock and lock...just b4 at the tea bell

second one u probably didnt try ..becoz it is one u do only during exams....that is bug them about course topics(confrim the topics or probably scare them by naming topics the 'nerds' never head....('kya yeh course mein hai').every now then as it is the case we never know the course even the night b4 exam(boy dont i love rec)...

The man in the box said...

Well, an advanced technique in application at our Lan empowered campus is to make up a fake id of a girl on yahoo and then meet one of your friends online "by chance". After some weeks when you've chatted enough, take the archives of the intimate chatting btw the two and post them on the hostel notice board.

People have changed hostels because of this!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Oh my God!! You guys are evil!! :-D Nevertheless hilarious!! I don't think I played that bad a prank on anyone when I was in the hostel!!