Friday, February 25, 2005

Time for a P.J (Poor Joke, for starters!)

Seriously, quite busy these days doing something on the 'creative' side!(Will write shortly(not lengthwise!)).But still squeeze in some time for P.J.s rather they come naturally to us.

Ok,So here it is ..



What did i write? Nothing.
Who is a person who has nothing.POOR
So, that was a POOR JOKE!!!

P.S I'm glad people reading it are not around. When I told this to people here, they actually tried to smash me!!


Neenu said...

I saw ur comment in my blog .Thanks
It brought me to ur blog.
Good Work.

adi said...

hi..saw a comment on mine too...i dont belive this. we have way too many things in common. including being belted by friends for cracking pj s. its just uncanny.