Friday, November 06, 2009

The Blog Has A New Address

I am consolidating all my online presence and will be using nikhilnk as the handle.

Naturally, the new blog address is

Will set up the feeds etc soon.

PS. I've been all this blog from the time I started blog. Some people even refer to me by this blog name. Thank you for following the blog (don't you follow only on Twitter?) and hope you will follow me on the new blog as well. Hopefully, the new blog will make me blog more often.

What Is The New New?

Old-fashioned is the new Modern.

Che Guevera is the new capitalist icon.

Sleeping is the new Awake.

Giving up is the new Acquisition.

Hopeless is the new Hopeful.

Getting Lost is the new Finding Yourself.

Non-conformity is the new Conformation.

Dropping Out is the new Joining In.

Working Hard is the new Laziness.

Resignation is the new Acceptance.

Minimizing Damage is the new Gaining.

Reducing Problems is the new Finding Answers.

And this is the new blog.

All the posts and comments have been moved and surprisingly, it was quite easy. Thank you, Blogger.