Wednesday, February 16, 2005

a(MUSE)ing Valentines' Day

"20 years and still no 'girlfriend'"…when someone in the canteen remarked casually, only then did I realize the "gravity" of the situation. I might sound naive(maybe) and ignorant (I’m not), but I'm still not very clear with this funda of 'girlfriend'.

Are they someone whom you consider as one more of your conquests and parade them
as your victory spoils or as it happens here, go out to movies and dinners and scamper back to the hostel by 9:30 in the night and everyone at the gate hoots at the couples.!!
[ I must confess that those are still uncharted territories for me and any info given might just be at the face value] .But i guess(my guesses are mostly true, quizzer you see!!), that is mostly what happens.

Perhaps i spelled out my idea of a 'girlfriend' while we were returning from our daily late night coffee jaunts and i broached this subject of boyfriends and girlfriends being objects of show and was actually surprised when they asked me,” What more do you want?!” When I told them that i 'wanted' someone who likes and does the same things as me and them and that the only difference would probably be in the gender, they all went into a collective gasp giving me a feeling that i was demanding too much. I guess I’m justified in being that ‘demanding’.

I probably do not have my way with girls, not being that overly courteous, sweet-talking chivalrous person. I also cannot get the hang of these symbolic expressions, gestures and these so-called 'undercurrents'. On Valentine’s Day, I wore a black shirt which I later came to know meant asking girls 'not to dare' to come near me.[green==already booked, White= available, yellow==space for two???!!!] . Now tell me, when I wake up at 10 and my classes start at 10:30, i don't think of what colour I wear. Now I wonder did me wearing the black shirt that day "shoo" away any girls?? I think not, because i hardly expected any to come up to me and.....

Now,I guess( again!!) that probably has something to do with the way people are branded in the college , similar to typecasting in C or C++...!!!. once you are categorized and irrespective of whatever you do(good or bad), you remain branded forever. This used to affect me earlier, but have broken free of that now. NEVERMIND--Cobain comes to my rescue .So who am i??( Again a guess!) I am that head-shaking guy who fools around cracking poor jokes. I've been called many more things on the same lines, and I definitely enjoy all this because I know there's much to me than just this.

What people here don't realise or know is that one cannot humour the corporates, the media people, the artists(SPIC!!!), people at quizzes, judges at various debates and public speaking contests with just poor jokes , it takes something more than that!!!Ofcourse being humorous and funny comes naturally to me, but there's also a serious, thoughtful, analytical side to me.

But , Why am i writing all this now???

Too serious????, lets tone down the rhetoric a bit. I did indeed miss having a girlfriend coz we couldn’t win the treasure hunt in the college because there were two clues near the girls’ hostel.. Now that is one area where we rarely venture towards.....Now did I miss having one just for the treasure hunt or..........??!!!!

Whatever people may think and say... this is what i think


BUT..BUT... I have a hunch which tells me I'm going to meet another clown someday and THAT.. will be serendipity!!!!


Kirthi said...

Thank you for enlightening me on that color code of the T-shirt that girls should be looking out for on V-day. I thought ony resistors and inductors could be identified by colors!! "Serendipity" mean you want to replicate that movie in real life????

Vc said...

Hahha ....