Saturday, February 12, 2005


I have a confession to don't expect me to get all sentimental...even valentine's day is drawing closer!!!

Whenever in the past I've said that I've been busy, 98.25%of the time I was lying. But now when i say i've been really busy for the last 10 days or so, i really mean it.Was busy working for an organisation called SPIC MACAY ( for those of you who have no idea what that is.. visit

And read this after you've visited the site..

I am involved in it since my first year(am in third year now),actually my seniors drew me into this and i'd be ever thankful to them for that.(how seniors and ragging have contributed in me being the way i am will probably require another blog!)

Ok,so yours truly is the PRO(Public Relations Officer!!,sounds too fancy??).I'm supposed to take care of the press,media,publicity ,the public... . OK the TIMES OF INDIA correspondent here didnot print a word about our event, but what the heck, he gave me free passes to watch BLACK in the best possible seats in the best multiplex in the city!!!!!

But since we are just a handful of people doing this we end up doing up all things from cleaning chairs in the auditorium to hosting the show!!(done both this time!)

In addition ,went to people to give invitations, went to the corporates for sponsorship,took care of the sound system, mike ...uff so many things....and i wasn't lying when i said i was busy.

So we condut concerts by eminent artists on a mini-marriage scale perhaps what is missing is the pair to be married and the food served after it!!!

I can't put into words the things that i learnt and the experiences that i had after these events ,things ranging from convincing the corporates to sponsor your events(best possible practice for an interview!!!), taking care of the artists and putting up with their demands and just managing in the nick of time to meet them......The confidence that it brings in you is immense and am sure will keep in good stead in future.

And finally ,SPIC MACAY and my spectacles seem to have a strange relationship. They break whenever something related to SPIC MACAY comes up . October last year we had been to ahmedabad for the SPIC MACAY annual convention my eyes!! broke just before we boarded the train..and it was a sunday the next virtually went blank for that day!!!

And even this time around, i was just trying to tghten a screw and the frame gave up. Had to get a new frame done and that marks the end of this blog titled SPEC MACAY!!!!!

P.S. I seem to have forgotten the fact that I am studying engineering, but let me confess i enjoy doing such things rather than stare at the blue screen in my computer lab and write programs!!!!!! Somebody please make me realise that I need to do a bit of engineering also!!

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Ellie said...

We seem to be engineering a lot of things though...I think I said it before...but great work on the SPIC FRONT! :)