Wednesday, January 19, 2005

My first StoRy!!!!!

Where do I begin? Like any other teenager who thinks he can do anything under the sun and somethings even beyond that!, I’m also setting out to write a book (a book??!)[There haven’t been many teenage “authors” , have they?] I have a “novel” idea of writing a book directed at teenagers, as I've realized after my recent short pursuit of reading as a serious hobby (If you can call it so after reading a few Forsyths, Ludlums, Haileys, Grishams, Archers, Sheldon- well most of them!! and a few Dan Browns too thrown In for a good measure!)))

The main protagonist of my book will be Abhay -the fearless a hero who fights against all odds..... ---- Hey wait a minute!!! Wouldn’t that be the same dramatic s@#t!!!! People do like heroes, but then wouldn’t people like a book with characters that they'd identify themselves with. [[[That’ll mean my book will sell more and if I really become that celebrated "celebrity" which I hope will get me an entry Into one of those page 3 parties .Man,after seeing (NDTV 24 * 7 NIGHT OUT) and reading (on page 3 ofcourse!) I desperately want to visit one of those parties to find out why the hell do they get so much airtime and eat up newsprint so that we know what (un)dress was a particular drunk lady wearing!!]]]] . Oh, back to the story!!!

So, we'll call our main protagonist Rahul!!(Where In India would you not find a person named Rahul after those countless Shahrukh movies in which he's called Rahul in each of them? That'll give my book a wide reach, wouldn't it? If the main character is say Pattabhi Subramanya Shrihari! Naidu Why would a Bengali bother to read it? And remember my book has to have maximum reach!!! )) How about a girlfriend for Rahul?? ((Forgive my engineering brains for obsession with girls!! I hope engineers will understand this better!!!!))) . But then aren't only "heroes" supposed to have girlfriends!!!?? . Maybe we’ll introduce a girl later in the story like an Item song In Hindi phillums (a bad joke huh!!)

Ok so Rahul is neither a topper nor a person who flunks, managing just about marks to be called average to good at academics. But then he isn’t noticed by many people. My book will cover things that Rahul goes through (Even ordinary people can have memorable and enjoyable experiences, but again who hears them?? )))

All Is quiet until this happens to Rahul one day .... He Is ........ ... . .. . . . . . .

Hey you, at the last bench. What are you writing?? Tell me how wIll you transfer a data of 16 bytes to a memory of 8 bytes??(( I "bite" my teeth In frustration here!!]] If you not concentrate In my lucture!! u are mercilessly out!!!! . Get out now.

Sir, I'm sorry sir.... I ...was......

No first you get out second you talk!!!!

I get out

End of story

End of my book.!!!!!!!!!!!

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You have a good page, Nikhil! And I'm waiting for you to finish the story! Like I said, tell that 16-byte so-and-so to do you-know-what! For a start, think of a nice name for Rahul's girlfriend...