Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sense and Non-sensibilty

Bharath tells me,for the last 10 days or so
I've been speaking non-sense.
What does he know,
for what I'm doing makes perfect sense.

I need a lot of rest,
My room's in such a mess.
And I've hardly slept ,
For the last 10 days.

There's a stye in my left eye,
Which refuses to die.
And I want to read "Catcher in the Rye"
Oh! the stye in my eye.

Ok, I talk a lot and crack a lot of jokes
Am really bored of class and notes.
I am still very much sane
But my PJs will continue to rain.

There's very little time to go,
Before exams usurp our fun.
My subjects' names i still don't know
Have to wake up now,how far can i run?

I just need a break, and some rest.
Long hours of deep sleep.
Then Bharath won't complain
For him, I'd be normal and sane then!


niki yokota said...

nikhil naughty boy! Catcher in the Rye was a great book. u might like it(^-^) but... take care of ur eyes. good dream~!!

N.B. said...

well nikhil..if ican be of any lemme into it by default!!

N.B. said...

it - information technology