Sunday, August 28, 2005

My photoblog

Am starting a photoblog. Have named it 'eye5'. I already have four eyes. The camera's is my fifth eye. Instead of posting pictures of what I'm doing, my hostel room, the fun that we guys have, I've decided to post pictures of hoardings and signboards which I come across. Being in Gujarat, goof-ups in spellings are not hard to find, even otherwise if a picture can be worth thousand words, a hoarding or a signboard is worth more than that!. It is Bharath's camera though. Hope to post atleast one picure a day.Here it is Enjoy!


Kirthi said...

Those were hilarious. The maharashtrians come really close. 'Tracepassers will be prosecuted.' 'Froot Slat' (fruit salad) are common. I'll try to get hold of the more outrageous ones.

Arunima said...


Thanks for dropping by. Let me also have a good laugh now.