Monday, February 06, 2006

Such a Rush

(An apt title from the Coldplay song with the same name)

Mindbend mega quiz,IMS quiz Ahmedabad.

How does one feel if he hasn't brushed for 48 hours,traveled for 12 hours in those 48, not shaved for 4 days?!And we are not even talking about bathing. Well, I did(didn't, in some cases!) all that was mentioned above.And how did I feel?Tired of course,satisfied and contended as well.

I'm a motorcycle right now.T(w)oo ti(y)red.Will write a longer post on how the last fortnight has been some quizzing,a little more quizzing and lot of quizzing.

This is just to inform that I along with Jitaditya and Dipankar won the Ahmedabad round of the IMS Quotient and will be flying to Delhi for the finals on 11th Feb. Man, I'll be flying for the first time in my life!! And it's for free. I have a huge responsibilty too. Have to perform better than the last time I was on TV quizzing on University Challenge.

Should see us very soon here

Checklist for further posts.
1.The second Ahmedabad trip travelogue
2.The second prize at the quiz conducted by Parnab Mukherjeein our college.

And carry-overs from the last post.

1. What happened on 28th and 29th ?! English JAM,Face painting, graffiti, Indian Ocean, Sivamani, Dumb Charades and the return journey.
2. People I met- Devadas,Sidin, Boka, Paro, Srijith, Nikhil Chinnappa.
3. Why IITs will remain IITs and NITs NITs?(In context of Chaos and almost everything).
4. My movie plans.(Not watching, making!!!)


TheSpark said...

wow! congrats man! n all the best for the finals. i participated in the b'lore round as a student of a college iam not a student of (?), helped tht college qualify for the city finals, n then, n then...... i scored a ZERO! our final score read zero! man! this is the first time! i only hope they won't air tht episode on TV. i hope they hv only the national finals in mind. i am praying.
to(w)o ti(y)red? lol! tht's a good one!

Jayanth Madhav Barki said...

Awwww....Two tyred of it man! Time for a new nkhil. (if you are wondering what 'nikhil' implied....Nikhil is the new word for PJ's...In your honour!!)


Handa said...

welcome to the mother ship :)

N.B. said...

hey nikhil

wots up with u

hope u rem me

just dropped by to say hi


Cooling Tower said...

Hey nikhil,how you doing? Long time! Can see that you are truly in your elements! Great! And tell me what happened in the Times Public Speaking?

niki yokota said...

awww~ nikhil was on TV??
look soooo COOL!!!!!!!
please get some rest...
hugs and kisses(^o^)/