Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The North Karnataka Trip - II

The earlier part of the series here.

Snapshots of a typical village and village life in North Karnataka

This is Korwar, a village in Bijapur district in North Karnataka, well-known for its Hanuman Temple.

The temple tower in the background. And the dish antenna in front! Scott would find this very interesting, I'm sure.

The priest's home.

Grains and flowers.

The family tree row.

The Tulasi shrine.

Priest helping the villagers find auspicious dates.

Kids, who wouldn't let me leave till I took their photo.

On the road -

The temple at Basavakalyana, named after Basaveshwara, the 12th century philospher.

Stall at the temple

Chicks for sale. Colourful chicks.

Some more shots -

PS. A sapping, but fun trip it was. A trip to Bheemeshwari followed right after this one. And another trip to happen some time soon. More power to you, God of Travel.

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