Saturday, December 08, 2007

To Ms. Suhasini Haider, Senior Anchor and Correspondent, CNN-IBN

Dear Ms. Suhasini Haider,

Warm greetings. I'm writing to you regarding comments made by you during the night bulletin you were presenting on CNN-IBN on Dec 6, 2007.

At the outset, let me share something with you, which hopefully, you will be glad to know. A lot of young people in this country watch you on national television, and one day, hope to become what you are. They form their opinion based on what you say, based on what you show them and based on what you make guests on your shows say. That's a fine art, putting words into people's mouths, and you and your brethren in the media seem to have perfected that. These young people, being impressionable considering the age they in and the age they are of, appreciate that fine art as well. Stupid as it may seem, they take a lot of what you say very seriously. Hence my humble request to you is to be measured and balanced when you say something on national television.

On Dec 6, 2007 while referring to the exhumation of dead bodies at Nadigram you said - "It is still not known which party the dead belonged to" The dead, Ms. Haider, are dead. Please do not politicize their death. Those young boys and girls, you see, will talk about it in their college, talk about it during their bus and train commutes, talk about it during their numerous hang-outs and chill-outs and soon they will come to believe that the dead need to belong to political parties. Such is the power of your work and the profession industry you work in. Please use it responsibly.

Nikhil Kulkarni


Harish said...

I doubt anyone, including the young impressionable ones, would form their opinions based on what people like Suhasini Haider and her CNN-IBN troupe say. Their bias, their prejudice, their obvious disregard to facts and truth is so glaringly evident that it is almost impossible to take what they say as credible.
Or maybe I am too optimistic.

Suhasini Haidar said...

Dear Nikhil,
I do appreciate your concern- I actually went back and found the scripts of December 6th- what I said differs slightly from your version, in that I said- "the identity of the bodies is still unclear, also whether they belonged to any political party". Not a big difference- just wanted to clarify. But I do take your point. To speak of political affiliations of the dead is an insensitive thing- and the news can be insensitive. But I appreciate your comments- Thanks again. Suhasini Haidar

Nikhil said...


Point taken. Optimistic we are. and we have to be, being influencers in some form to people around us. And the end of the day, well, 24 hours a day, it's a job for the media professionals and comes with the compulsions and compromises like in any job. Just hope they are responsible enough while doing their job.

Nikhil said...


Appreciate your visiting this blog and considering the comments made. Glad that the comments made on this blog reached you and hopefully you will take cognizance of the same. With the political scenario heating up and the General Elections approaching, we hope the news media will be careful and measured in reporting and analysing news.


Adi Crazy said...

Man! Suhasini herself. I am impressed. But Barkha Dutt, she lives in a world of her own. She wouldnt even think of checking it up on the internet.

chanced upon your blog said...

I can't see why anyone would take exception to Suhasini Haider raising concerns about the affiliation of the people whose bodies were exhumed. Sentiment aside, it is pertinent that what side they were on be established.

Nikhil said...

@chanced upon your blog,

I'd like to believe that the post clearly makes the point that it is insensitive to speak of political affiliations of the dead and Ms. Haidar in her comments, agrees with the same.

Not sure what is the point you are trying to make.


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anandpendyala said...

I really appreciate Suhasini for the way she has taken.