Friday, May 09, 2008

Polls In Karnataka - A Quick Note

As someone who follows Indian politics very closely, it is a tad disappointing that I haven't been able to follow the build-up to the elections in Karnataka as closely as I'd have liked. But still an opinion or two, or perhaps a couple more. Contrary to what these people have to say, the Congress will not get a majority. In my opinion, no party will. The Congress used the revision of electoral rolls as as an intelligent tactic to delay the elections, and this will definitely not help the BJP ride the sympathy wave. Nevertheless, the sympathy is still there and the BJP will gain from it. According to me, the tally will more or less remain the same as in the previous election. The BJP and the Congress will get a few more seats at the expense of JD(S) and others like JD(U), SP and the BSP will just be making a guest appearance in the analysis of the experts sitting in their air-conditioned studios. Good luck to you guys, hope you get higher TRPs and have more people believe that what you say is actually true. Just a small note, Karnataka is not just Bangalore. There are other regions which are part of Karnataka and people living there are also part of Karnataka.

More as the elections progress.

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Balaji R Sharma said...

Beep IBN. Half of them can't name 3 cities in Karnataka outside Bangalore - Mysore and Mandya because of the Kaveri feuds and Bellary at best (pronounced bell-urry) because High Command likes the place.

Much as I'd hope otherwise, looks like a hung assembly's all we'll get again. 'd hate to see Dharam, Kharge, Gowdaji, Bangarappa and co. fight it out, not to mention Mr. Vatal Karave Nagaraj. Some line-up, that.