Friday, July 04, 2008

Chess Olympiad Teams Will Be Topless

How scandalous? And it's the Indian Chess teams we're talking about.

Are they making the right moves? Will they get pwned? Will they find out what is it to be a knight rider? All puns intended. Read on.

Chess Olympiad Teams Will Be Topless

Thank You DNA and congratulations. You win today's battle for the most absurd news-story/news headline. But you still have a long way to go before you even think of getting close to CNN-IBN. All the best!


Anonymous said...

Kuch bhi likhega kya bhai. . .most boring read ever. .

Nikhil said...


Sorry to disappoint you. In fact, I was more disappointed with myself for this pathetic post. But then, couldn't resist but mention the fact that CNN-IBN has now serious competition from DNA in WTF-news.

Hope to do better next time. There's always a 8 X 10 room for improvement the next time, isn't there? Kindly adjust till the next post :)