Friday, July 11, 2008

Life Is Driving A Car In Heavy Rain

Wisdom decided to bless me with a rare visit while talking to Sap last evening, and this is what it left me with -

Life is like driving a car in heavy rain. You (mostly) know the destination and (mostly) know the road, but the journey is rough. Due to the rain, you never know what's going to hit you when you take next turn. You want to keep moving fast, but have to be cautious not to skid and be thrown off the road. You can't see what lies far head because of the heavy rain and though there are vipers wipers, they only help you to see to a certain distance. You still keep going - backing your instinct and gut feel, taking calculated risks and making decisions from experience. You stop for breaks in between, but still keep going. Your car breaks down, a stranger comes along and helps you, reminding to help others in need. You meet with an accident, break a few bones, repair your car and resume the journey. Help a stranger on the way since you know how important help is. So that's what it is - set out on a journey, pick up a few bruises, keep your ears and eyes open for the unexpected, hope that the rest of whatever is left of the journey will turn out fine.

PS. Now I know why wisdom decided to bless me. Sap was around!


Ellie said...

vipers? (The snake variety?) or wipers? ( the useful variety!)


Nikhil said...


Perhaps wisdom's visit can leave one not just spell-bound, but also spell-blind.

It is, of course, wipers. My bad. This post and I stand corrected.

There are vipers too in life, aren't they. Turned out to be a case of once bitten, twice shy. Pun intended :)