Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Trip To Talakadu

Photos from the trip to Jaladhama, on the banks of rivers Kaveri and Kapila at Talakadu, about a couple of hours drive from Bangalore.

Flower Power

Photos taken during the breakfast stop-over at the Kamat Upachahra on Mysore Road.

Scattering of Light?

Barb Wire?

Photos of the fields on the way - the Well Fielded Series

I am quite pleased with the way these photos of the clouds came out. This is the Cloud Cult Series, dedicated to Cloud Cult, an indie rock band whose song Love You All I really like.

Photos from the resort.

Love As Seen in Bollywood Movies

Drops of Jupiter

Drops of Jupiter (on green leaves?!)

Leafing Through the Past

Contrasting Focuses

Coffee - Bean There Done That

What are these called?!

The Lonely Soldier

What Are You Getting Antsy About?!

And we all went dinning at the end of it!

All these and more pictures of the previous trips on Flickr - here.


sixtyfourarts said...

those yellow grapes are called challe hannu...yaarigaadru tinnisabeka?

JDB said...

R u using an SLR? The photos have come out really nice.

Nikhil said...


Namage jeevana ne tinsuttalla daily!


WTF Baka, what's with that display name? JDB?!

It's Sap's multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-faceted, multiplying camera.

I will pass on the compliments to his camera.

quetzalcoatl said...

excellent pics...but u cud've written something as well...