Thursday, May 26, 2005

Of a 'cosmetic surgery' and ***THE GROUP BLOG***

Have nothing much to do these days and with no net in the itching to run back home.

.My blog has undergone a minor cosmetic surgery.An 'implant' actually,if you happen to look at its left,you'll notice an enlargement.(The computer engineer I am, my 'pointless' mind wandered onto the 'silicon territory'!!!).Have added the cbox(too late to hop onto the bandwagon, is it??Almost every blogger worth his/her salt has one.So why not me??So much salt am I worth!!).Make use of it..Adi did the honours of inaugurating it...


At the risk of repetition,am repeating!! what I had thought of about the group blog.

1.Narrow down(or expand)the areas which the group blog would encompass.

2.Suggest a name for the same.

3.Might sound too far-fetched, but thinking of modeling it on the lines of


4.Also check out-AMIT VARMA

5.And people please do respond fast, guess ditering won't help.

And am expecting some happy news soon,will wait till I hear it myself and then share it.(whatever that means,even i dunno!!).Don't want to celebrate too early,that's what I meant.

********What am I currently reading*********
Into 30 odd pages of Raj Kamal Jha's 'If you are afraid of heights'.Almost picked up 'To kill a mocking bird' when I just happened to glance at this one and what more could draw me to this book than the fact that Mr.Jha is an Engg.grad(IIT-K mech) and journalist and an author. I can think of atleast one 'el(l)igible' author who would be inspired!!.What say, madam???

Will try and post the review..till then HERE'S more on the book.

S*it,my post on Gujju wedding gate-crashes is still to be written.(And I say I have nothing much to do here!!)


perspective said...

Gujju wedding gate - crashes?? Hmm... me curious!!
I didnt see any enlargement here ;)...something wrong with me eyes or me monitor?

Ellie said...

My entry for the group blog before is "POT-POURRI"

I checked out India Uncut...which is of course a super effort at creative journalism...but u sure u want us to review current affairs? but over all the format is would suit us well if we are able to read through a few books and post album...

Waiting for the gujju wedding post...after all m going to be a part of the next gate crasher's meet, rite?? :-p