Friday, May 27, 2005

**Hari gets placed** and **No response yet for the group blog :( **

Hari is placed with Kanbay. Am vey happy for him. Can talk to him 'normally' now!! Treated us in Pizza Hut yesterday. Had a nice time. Almost all of us in our group are placed except for one, who I'm sure will get placed soon.

As for Hari(now that his name has been revealed!),he gave 3 interviews for IBM,Cognizant and WIPRO and I can(not!) imagine the hell he's been through over the last week. He reached till the HR interview(which follows the technical interview) stage in all the 3 companies. And and it couldn't be more ironical that his name was Hari Ram Prasad( We call him HRP). Ironical?here's why...

If one is through with the technical interview, he's(no she..we hardly have any here)! given a HR form to fill which usually is more of a personal profile kinda thing.(strengths, weaknesses,expectations from the company,short term and long term plans..etcetera ..etcetera). We engineers have this uncanny knack of finding humour in toughest of the situations and Hari,with a smile just before filling his Kanbay HR form said-" These people must have come to know that my name is 'HR'P..that's why they all want me to fill their 'HR' forms'.But one could miss the gleam in his eyes and the wry humour in his voice. He din't jump up and shout in joy after his name was announced. And God alone knows what sinister designs he himself had!!, Hari's name was the last name to be announced and our TPO paused for about 10 seconds before calling out Hari's name. It was us ,surrounding him who jumped,shouted,hugged and shook each other's hands on Hari being placed.And we had all the reasons on this earth to celebrate.

Signing off with the last line of 'The Kids Aren't Right'-

The cruelest dream,reality(How true!)

If anybody has read David Davidar,William Dalrymple,Anita Desai plz share your thoughts on the same.Better still, suggest some books/movies for this summer.(Can't we do such 'useless' things over the group blog??)

**No response yet for the group blog :(..people sleeping?? **


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Congratulations and good luck to Hari. As for your group blog, are you looking at specific people or anyone?

junglebellows said...

the house of blue mangoes is one book that many ppl would recommend... i wanted to read it... its after all abt mangoes in kerala :D(i have nothing to say abt the 'god of small things'except that i hated it).
but anyway i have absolutely no doubt that this book cud be anywhere as bad as the 'god' thing.

go for davidar...and if u plan to buy it....remember im next in line to read it.

N.B. said...

blog name cud be pandora's box

sections cud be

a. entertainment
- movies,books,games,songs,hobbies

b. career-related
- i mean its imp in today's world to be may be we can contribute something abt the technologies we r working on
or the new stuff in our arena

c. social issues

d.our probs - common issues facing us out -of -coll- new -to -job

wot say??

Anonymous said...

wow~ congrats hari!! why dont u go to shout box and say "blog update" like krishna. thats convenient(^o^);; 'the davinci code' is also recommended by many frens. good day nikhil~!!

adi said...

Better still, suggest some books/movies for this summer.(Can't we do such 'useless' things over the group blog??)

its gonna be monsoon...not summer right? atleast thats what the storms in blore say.

Ellie said...

The new post is up ..awaiting ur perusal...

Karthik L G said...

brings back memories of the campus placements in college

TheSpark said...

hey thr nix! sorry, been busy. will be, for a while. besides, no free broadband anymore, coz of the monsoons. cudn't even read the whole post, but the grp blog idea's great. (as long as it has all useless stuff.) (:

TheSpark said...

hi nikhil, tagged u, chk out my blog.

Kirthi said...

Hey quirky I came visiting your blog after a loooong time. I see you have been placed. Congratulations!! And congratulations to your friends as well. I happened to read your post on engineering colleges in Gujarat. The truth of the matter is, that you can extend your theory to Maharashtra too.
I still have a book in which I have noted down the golden words of wisdom of my profs.
I had this DSP prof who once said "Don't shut down your books"...and I went "excuse me since when have we gone so hitech that we have our own 'notebooks'?"
Then we had this HoD who spoke in pallindromes sample this: "There are a projects are there." Actually there is so much I'd love to share abt my engg days but that would be one gargantuan post!! Besides I do not really have the time either.

mrinabh said...

Hey Nikhil! Where are youy!!???