Saturday, June 04, 2005

**The reason for the delay** and **reasons for further delays**

Sorely miss my comp which I've left behind in my room hoping that Bharath will see to it that it safely reaches Nikhil Kulkarni's home.Yes!we do have another Nikhil Kulkarni at my college which leads to lots of confusion..that will make for another good post.Had a very eventful journey back from Surat.Will go to a place where I can surf for free and then post the same;)

It's such a relief to be back home,relief from the scorching heat back in Surat and with mess being closed, the food that we had to eat outside for 20 days..frankly,eating in the mess is good both for the pocket and the stomach..

Am having to post this from some shoddy cybercafe where posting this wud take 4 times as much time as it wud from my room our our beloved C Center.I guess I'll take a 'well-deserved' rest for a few days....But then I might just come back with
*the news of an article of mine appearing in print:-/
*the news of my 'internship' with a premier design agency this summer
(yes Adi it is still summer, may not be for b'loreans!)

So keep watching this space....


niki yokota said...

20 days eating out!? wow~~(^o^);; thanx for posting from cyber cafe. waiting for ur news!!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oww... another Nikhil Kulkarni?? :) No comments on this one... BTW, will be waiting for your travelouge and your article in print :)

sixtyfourarts said...

how lazy can u be??
u knew well in advance the day when u r leaving.
still u dont even care to pack ur things and keep it in T.V.Room,forget the luggage atleast could have kept the comp in your alter-ego's house.
You do not do any of these and tell sapari to do things which you should have taken care of.

N.B. said...

arre yaar ab blog ke idea ka kya karen kahan hoooooooooo??

ever come onine??

kaise ho...sun bhi free nahi hote kya...yaar ek din to blog ko do....this is unfair..ok...u come up with an idead..loathe when get no response and now u get urself busy ha??