Monday, September 26, 2005

Back with 'back again'!

I'm back after exorcising some demons inside my head. I'm feeling much better now having accomplished that, and what makes me more glad is that I did it all alone. I went to some people looking for answers and realised most of them lay within me. Realsied that running behind/with the crowd just doesn't help in my case. There are some inherent 'quirks?' and inexplicble contradictions which only I possess and there are some things which I do and have perfect explanations which appear totally convincing to me and I guess that is what matters most at the end of the day. Raghuram has more faith in me than I do and it is vice versa I guess!

Expect more of such philo'soupy' in coming posts!!

Hope the purgation is successful.I realised that there's no point geting stuck in a hole and then complain, crib about how things are not going on well. The best way to come out of the hole, I thought was to attend some classes and resume the old routine of writing poems sitting in the last bench, with the teacher wondering as to why am I the only one taking down notes. I finished the book that I was writing my 'class notes' since third year and had to borrow a page from Lakshman to write this poem.

Geometry of life

They say life comes a full circle, but why is it that,
I feel like it’s back to square one,
When what I’ve been through is just a semicircle.
Yet they say, angle in a semicircle is a right angle!

You and your goals become parallel lines,
You’re stuck in a maze as complicated as a dodecahedron.
Life goes into the third quadrant and people suddenly become obtuse
Your sorry state turns more acute and the cylindrical cup of woes overflows.

You pause and reflect, wondering why
The angle of incidence is not equal to the angle of reflection.
And realize that life isn’t governed by laws of Euclid or Euler.
That there are paths longer than the hypotenuse, and shorter than the diagonal.

You feel you are living on the edge,
Length breadth and height of desperation threatening to multiply,
You sit back, contemplate and analyze your graph
And then that diminishing flicker lost in some vertex of your heart,
Tells you to look at life as a trapezium.

Hope and faith the parallel sides, always running along.
All you need to do extend the non-parallel ones,
And don’t they meet, that extension needing tonnes of patience and hard work.
So clear your mind, start from the base and work your ass off!!
- Nikhil


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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the Monk said...

Hey, nice the way, another NITian here, from NIT Trichy...

TheSpark said...

welcome back nix! nice to c tht u hv 'exorcised ur demons'. trust me, they always come back. :)
am still scratching my head 'bout the 2.3467 part. surely, u don't mean 2,3467 hits on ur site or something, do u?

N.B. said...


remain in the state u r currently...dont ever let anyone take it away frm u..those foolish..yes abs foolish ppl will never be able to create wot u hv created with geometry..and tht's how things stand...u hv originality nicks
and yet to reach where u deserve to be...u will hv to pass some stupid exams
else ....u will become like me...sittin with absolutely insensitive ppl who never care enuff to open mails sent on the lan
to appreciate the stuff within coz they r busy solvin some stupid puzzles !! and dont get head and tail of our stuff...!!and its of no value as far as ur job profile is concerned
ask me the agony of it
anyways all the best

niki yokota said...

hi nikhil!! did u upload ur pic in the prof??? oh wat a handsome portrait(*^o^*) thanx for the invitation from yahoo 360! nice writing as always. take care~!!!!

Komal Mehta said...
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Komal Mehta said...

Hey quirck,
chk out my newest post on

Harsh Kulkarni said...

Hey, nikya !!!

Harsh here from yaar...a cool quirk of course...Ur geometry of life is superb...Looking to c such thinking maths again from u..Bye !!!!

Cooling Tower said...

Hey Nikhil...ver 2.0 launched, eh??!!!...dont want that to crash though!....

Shayon™ said...

Hey dude...wassup wid u? Has been really long since last saw you in the circuit. Seems life's been too busy, eh? Well, will just be waiting for your return! Adios!!