Saturday, September 10, 2005

a Kit-Kat break

I am completely lost for words. The earlier enthu for writing is longer there. Need to get serious on certain things, and even if i don't want to,am having to spend less time of some things quite close to my heart(enough of listening to my heart, my mind tells me), blogging for example. I seriously don't know why has this numb feeling overpowered me and I know I'll overcome it and be 'normal' again cracking pathetic PJs, rubbing people the wrong way with my stupid posts, coming up with those silly poems and stories written sitting in the last bench with some sensible posts interspersed here and there.

Thankfully Bharath has a digicam and Mrinabh, a mobile cam. That means my photoblog will be updated regularly. Keep visiting that. But I just can't conjure up enough energy and brains to write though there is no dearth of subjects that I can write on. The photoblog will be running though.

No time to search the world around
Cause you know where I'll be found
When I come around
When I come around

-When I Come Around(Green Day)

In the meanwhile discovered some more bloggers, want to add their blog links in the links section, make my blog look nicer..but just can't..the numb feeling you see..


Komal- visit her blog for her story of the deluge in mumbai.

A fellow quizzer, UC participant-Almost useless!-

and page 3 of rahul bose, deepak chopra, mallika chopra, rahul khanna, nandita das,shekhar kapur, anupam kher, milind deora, vandana shiva,kanika chopra and many more on

till my next post


Anonymous said...

hi nikhil! theres nothing silly and stupid in ur blog. wat ru saying??(*_*) pls take it easy and have fun writing! ur posts are very interesting!!!!

mrinabh said...

Notice: Mrinabh's digital media services are FREE at present. But some ammount of fee is expected to be put up for the same shortly. :-D

TheSpark said...

hey nikhil! still suffering from this 'lethargica nottoblogositis'? :)
v hv to rouse ourselves up buddy. howz life?

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

haha ur posts are quite interesting actually!
thanx for stopping by my blog

Angshuman Goswami said...

The first post I read sounds like the last post of the blog...

Interesting :)