Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The battle heats up-Microsoft CEO: 'I'm going to f---ing kill Google'

my shift key has a problem, so no 'capitalised'(exactly..that's what one of our teachers said..all keywords in java should begin with 'capitalised')letters and my mind's not working. i donno the reason. is it because of the excess of movies that i'm watching or is it because i'm attending more classes this time!

continuing on the google-ms war, here's a piece i stumbled across on slashdot. it is a great site for people who are intersted in tech-trivia. they call it a site for nerds and i don't quite consider myself to be one. reminds me of one funny incident though. microsoft came calling to our campus for recruitment and i thought my knowledge of msn spaces, the mappoint technolgy would be of some help. and as it turned out i failed to clear the 'written' test which was quite 'technical'. that's ok as i don't quite fancy my chances with things 'technical'. but what amazed me was that even in the interviews that followed, there was not even a single 'hr' question. it was pointers, arrays, data structures, algorithms, compilers all the way. and this idiot thought his hours of meandering around the world wide web would be of some help! how naive of me! sometimes i feel i should have drowned in object oriented programming than spend time deriding bush's objective of occupying iraq. but surprisingly, when pause for a moment,i don't repent what i did! thinking that that one hour test would have made a difference of around 3.5 lacs to my annual salary!!was just wondering what makes the differnce? that duration of one hour of the test or the 'wasted years' (that's also the song playing rt now!, how ironic!!!..f*&k..the song is by iron maiden!!now my mind's working!!). to me it was that one hour that made the difference. my thoughts on placements din't go down well with many people here(like most of my thoughts!). and i hate to talk/write about placements, but couldn't miss this one as it was about ms.congrats siddharth!

google is also planning to come out with an operating system to challenge windows.
(writing 'remember i told you this first' sounds like crap to me now!!)let's see.

will post a list of movies/books that i've drowned in of late. talking of movies, am planning to start a blog on the 'other bollywood' ,the sensible indian cinema, indian movies in english, not the american desi, chai types...my gyaan of such movies is decent enough...and want to 'specialise' in that.just like my photoblog on hoardings, posters and notices!

if anybody can get their hands on cds of the following please write them for me. all freight charges will be borne by me.

war and peace- anand ptwardhan
matrubhoomi- manish jha
is raat ki subah nahin- sudhir mishra
black friday-anurag kashyap


Shayon™ said...
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Shayon™ said...

Ohkay, now we know why MS didn't have an HR section in the interview! If they did, I'm sure Mr. Steve Ballmer wouldn't have been so profane on air...LoL..!!

Anyways, first of all, a piece of advice for you, Steve. Whenever someone clicks on a link in your post, the new link opens in the same page itself. Won't you like it if the link opened in a new window? To do that, click on the "View HTML" tab while writing the posts, find out where the link is and add a code "target=_blank" to it, sans the quotes. For example, if I want to post a link to Google, just type (less than)a href="http://www.google.com/" target=_blank(greater than)Google(less than)a(greater than). I hope I didn't make it a lot confusing for you. I used the (less than) and (greater than) the way I did 'coz else Blogger would've taken it as valid HTML and you couldn't see the code.

Eeven I'd been suspecting Google to release an operating system, but it's no joke. It's gonna take them years before they release one. And I also suspect that they r gonna keep it open source. Let's see what actually happens. Moreover, I think they just might roll out a brand new browser called GBrowser, based on the Mozilla platform. This shouldn't take them too long.

As for the movies you wrote about, I've got Matrubhoomi & Black Friday with me. I can courier them to you if you pass me on your postal address. You should get them within 2-3 days.

By the way, I'd deleted my previous posts 'coz I'd accidentally deleted an incomplete posts while actually trying to preview what I'd typed! I'm sure you won't mind that!!

Shayon™ said...

Opps :-p....I mistook you as Steve! Nikhil....sorry for the mistaken identity :-p...!!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Nikhil, what should I say, poor MS! or Poor Nikhil?? :)

English August said...

i have a copy of black friday on me. i could burn it on a CD and mail it to you if you can mail me your postal address at: englishaug2003 at yahoo dot com.

Nikhil said...
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Nikhil said...

shayon, thnx for all the gyaan,,such a pity..to call myself a computer engineer!!

sudipta,it is indeed poor me, poorer by 3.5 lacs p.a!!..doesn't matter..they also missed something!!well,they did have an opening for 'progam manager' who they said deal with the clients and all that...but since couldn't clear the written..there was no way i could convey that to them!!

e.a, dehradun!??

will mail you guys abt the cds soon..thnx..

Anonymous said...

Steve Ballmer looks scary....;))
i hope u can fix that shift key. sorry to hear that!!

Shayon™ said...

Hey Quirky...just relax, dude! It doesn't need a rocket scientist to figure out simple HTML. I was just interested about it 'coz I'm a web designer, apart from being an Electrical Engineering student. So...it's big deal really if you're naive in HTML. Just don't say you don't know C++ & JAVA ;-)


Shayon™ said...

Opps...it's no big deal...!!

I guess I'll have to check & recheck my posts, these days have been making a lot of mistakes :-p

Shobhik said...

Hey, I can get you some Maiden if you're in Cal, which you're not. Sorry. Nice blog you got here. Lots of people don't now C++ or Java(thankfully I do, even at 16!).

If you're uncomfortable with HTML, just go to other people's blogs, hit Ctrl+U (or View>Source) and check out the code they used. Use CTRL+F to find the relevant snippet of code and just paste it in your template. Always do a preview then. Thats one easy way to save yourself a lot of bother.