Monday, February 27, 2006

Melancholic Ecstacy

The Indian Ocean track

Realised two things over the last two weeks. Two days passed by without spending much time with anyone. For two hours I listened to 'Sound of Silence' and wrote this in two minutes.

1.In the final months of final year,if you are not in the habit of enjoying something burning close to your lips,you lose 50% of your 'friends' whom you could hangout with.

2.Funnily enough,if you are not a nature lover,don't like things green,say grass, you are in for some more time alone.You lose 30% of 'friends' to hang out or pass time.

And things get worse when the remaining 20% are not too enthusiastic about what you are interested in. Then the true meaning of 'bore' dawns on you.( For 9 hours,you sit in front of the comp to do something which people won't appreciate anyway, and then when you no one to talk to or go with for a cup of a coffee,it is sad)

Call this a whine,a rant,a crib, it doesn't matter.Yes, I'm like that little kid crying for a chocolate. But who'll get me the chocolate?!

And during one of those boring hours, I wrote this poem. It's after a long time that I'm trying this stunt. My earlier attempts at this form of literature were meant to be funny and time-pass types. This one I believe, is a serious attempt. What's your take?!

Conversation with cloud#9

I'm not sure if it was day or night.
But I saw a magnificient light in full might.
There we were, 3267 metres high,
When I met cloud number nine.

Asked him,"What keeps you so happy,Nine?"
Said he,"The key lies in always being high"
But then I come from a dry land,
How to be always high, I don't understand?.

He smiled and said,"Make one thing clear,
If your land is dry,how come I see you here?!
I see you have no fear,
Arrange for 'stuff' without shedding a tear"

I said-"Your words are very true,
But it's difficult to get good brew.
It comes at a costly price,
If caught,have to pay a heavy price"

He said,"Come meet this guy.He's new here,
Hasn't even tasted beer.
Hails from a place where 'it' flows like a river.
To 'that', he hasn't even gone near.

Between you and the world, going on is an eternal strife.
I know you need means to relax and fly.
Leave aside those means for a while
And try getting high on life."

Less boring and more interesting news coming up in the next post.


Jeevan Baretto said...

Yes its true nikhil that, our 'friends' with whom we used go out for those window shopping n those treats, no more think tht its important to mingle enough in our last few days in the college..

Sad but true, some of them found new ones n forgot the old ones..

Nice post..

rIDDleD SpEEcH said...

hey nice poem da.....
can read a lot between the lines....... and somebody is happy abt ur loss.... ur loss our gain....
wot say???

Nikhil said...

true,but sad!
sad,but true!
but for how long can we rue!

It's ok I guess,I've found better means to keep myself occupied-MOVIES!

P.S.But I can't go for a cup of coffee alone, can I?!

very true,

But which loss are you talking about?!

My 'loss' and your 'gain' everybody's talking about?:))

Or the one mentioned in the post?!!

Are you also in splits like I'm now?!!

Jayanth Madhav Barki said...

Its only when you fail to get high on life that you go into these things...

This is so typically your 'stuff' :)
Side splitting...and yet so obviously with something deeper...

Rock on nikhil!cqabvp