Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where the streets have no name!

THIS is the good news. The editing of the documentary is complete. People who've seen it have liked it and it's getting more than a release on the college LAN. Next week will be hectic with it being screened in colleges in Surat(begining with our college of course!).

In about fifteen minutes from now,I, along with my class are leaving to Pune for an industrial visit to Infy. Ther real reason of course is a visit to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. I'm not carrying my handycam as I plan to spend time reflecting on ,thinking and planning a few things.Of course, there will be pictures posted taken with friends' digis and a travelogue. Can't wait to meet Ram,Raghuram,
Jiju and others in Pune.Just hope our hard working software engineers have time for me ;)


perspective said...

How can one get to see this documentary of yours? Its making me awfully curious nikhil!
You'll surely be a person involved in either politics or social causes someday! You have a long way to go!
All the best

Anonymous said...

nice work dude.. u definitely going somewhere with this... will post bout it on my blog soon as i m one of the few who had the pleasure of watching it....