Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rush Hour-2!


Sounds too good to be true, but truth can sometimes be unbelieveable and physically drainful.

0. Before anything, read this first. Feels good. Some sense of accomplishment.

Even with exams round the corner,project partners breathing down my neck, we are working on a short film!!Screenplay's almost done. Work on the script is underway. Poor Kaak aka Akshay has been assigned the dirty job of writing the script! Keep visiting this blog and 10+3i's site for more!

1. Pune Trip was GOOD!

2. Mahabaleshwar BETTER!

3. Watched Euphoria perform for the second time. Palash is a great
entertainer. Crowds(read females) just love him.

4. Went to Goa en route home.Spent 63 minutes in Goa, in the train that is!

5. Watched Cinema Paradiso, A Clockwork Orange, In which Annie gives it those
ones,The Doors and a Kannada movie in the theatre, sitting right in the first row!!

6. Read 'Of no Fixed Address' by Kaizad Gustad. Yes, the same Boom to bust guy!
It's about a writer on constant travel.Since I believe I'm bit of a both, traveler
and a writer, it was a perfect foil for my journey.

7. People back in Dharwad haven't changed much.Well, some have!

Maybe I have changed too much to notice any changes in them. Maybe the sight of this studious first bencher in school turning into a docuwallah with long hair was a
bit too hard for them to digest!!.

A post on the journey and back sometime soon
here. How soon? Fellow idiots
involved in the making of the shortfilm and my project partners dictate how I
live my life now!!So, can't say.

8. Holi was fun in a different kind of way. Sameer and co. didn't want to go to their college hostel to play Holi as they feared their shirts being torn!!Being a true blue hostelite,I wanted to burst our laughing. Because they are my friends,my mockery of them was only restricted to a sly smile with a hiss.

9. Felt good catching up with Ashutosh, Manasa, Neha, Ruthwika. Met
some new people.Pramod was a revelation and a very pleasant surprise. He HAD
heard of the movies mentioned above and had watched some of them too! The
show has just begun, what say,Pramod?!

10.I know it might come as a surprise and shock to most of you.Even I was shocked and awed by her beauty. I've found my life partner.She's pretty and pretty close to my younger sister and my marriage to her will be subject to my sister's consent. Even when I was home, my going around with her was only after my sister relented after much persuasion. I hardly know her, but I've got all my lifetime trying to explore different parts of her mind and body!

And now I'll say that I was only talking about my sister's Kinetic!I'm now
experiencing what others call and even I call as writer's block. Was only trying
to check if I could get back to writing. Looks like the world has to wait for
some more time for that 20% finished novel to see the light of the day!

P.Ses or PJs(whatever you call them)

1. If Kapil Dev would've appealed too much, would he have been renamed Kappeal Dev?!
2. Are the gastric juices in cows called Mow-biles?!


Balaji said...

Some things are destined not to change. Dharwad's still a place where people's idea of fun is to lie on the bed sleeping all day long (who doesn't love that anyway, a book and a jumbo pack of wafers is ecstasy!) But then, getting out in the sun occasionally doesn't hurt either.

Just happens that Nikhil ends up meeting guys I never meet, and vice versa. Maybe someday we should go there together, and preach them on what LIFE is. But then, am not sure we'd even find a handful to give a piece of mind to. All those Dharwadwallas reading this, wake up, and wake the rest!

Pramod said...

Very true saar! The journey has just begun.... My tryst with the 'classics' was meant to be lonely. Now I do have a fellow traveller (and probably more knowlegeable one too!) with me!

Tu'Che' my fellow traveller

Jayanth Madhav Barki said...

Ouch that hurt!

Those PJ's that is. Way to go S'amma!

kunaal said...

man, im glad the docu's finally gonna be screened. phew! i need by the way a crash course in blog editing from u!

Wanderlust said...

Just read about your documentary screening in SCET ...Man very good work ....Congrats ...dont bother about the lukewarm response...You were lucky that you got a response at least ...Keep up the good work brother !! let me know if you posted the link of the documentary somewhere ....I always like to criticize so that would be some good fodder .....

manasa said...

look whos here ....yeah i knoe u can c mah name..but still..well man..nice blog.( coz u mentioned me!!)..kiddin!! n..PJs...unka to sawaal nahin..!!!