Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Musafir Hoon Yaaron!!

Posting from Rohit Shankar's room in IIM-A!:)

You can skip the first paragraph. It's crap. Don't tell me I din't warn you!

Now, God must have done some serious checksum error. Now what error is that I don't know, but it is some error in Computers. Now I have every reason to believe that God does use computers.Why?! The other day I saw a mouse falling from the sky and suddenly shuddered at the prospect of the God who rides the mouse falling from the sky! Sometime later did I find out that the fat guy staying above me DID contemplate juping after he threw the mouse. He threw the mouse out of frustration that it was not working. He then realised his folly and wanted to jump because had he sold that mouse as scrap he'd have got 2.546 rupees which would have got him 1.093 chai or 5.147 Alpenliebes or invaluable 2.546 rupees. Why did I write this?! I donno.

Musafir Hoon Yaaron!

God has indeed done checksum errors and I'm afraid he might keep on doing those errors. Because I have all the reasons to be scared,afraid,dazed and confused when almost everything goes right for a long long time. I'm expecting some serious trouble anytime now. The way everything is so unbelieveably right, I can't help but have an eerie feeling some thing huge will fall on me soon.(Lord Ganesha himself?!)

Ok, let me write here, write now about the rights!

1. A mention of the documentary was made in the papers. The movie company seems to be doing pretty well. Just wish God does another error and our exams are postponed. Another wishful wish. He commits a huge error and exams are called off!!:)

2. Stood third in the Surat round of Times of India. Had lots of fun on stage whipping Himesh Reshammiya. To know what lack of sleep can do to you, look at this picture. It can win you the third prize and make you look like a rape convict!:)

3. Went to Daman for farewell. IT WAS GOOD. We guys are so close that we didn't even cry!Lots of things were sorted out, mobile was screwed,vodka+sprite still ruled. My repertoire of Altaf Raja,T-Series devotional songs,90's hindi film songs,ad jingles,TV serial songs is still intact. Will miss these guys for sure. Another post on this is surely needed, otherwise I wou;dn't be doing justice to the importance of the occasion.

4. The next day, the Times of India correspondent calls up and apologises profusely for the fact that it was not clearly mentioned that I won the third place,as there was a tie. Inspite of me telling her that it seriously didn't matter to me,she insisted that she was very sorry. Thank you Fateema!

5. The finals at Ahmedabad was a bit of an anti-climax. I'd definitely agree with Ellie now. But even after the pathetic score and no one even telling me that I spoke well, I was giggling like an ass.I'd remember this trip more for the people I met than the competition or the lack of it(on my part!). Sajani Mrinalini Dutta,Pankaj Malani,Priyanka,Vishwamohini Bhat!,Aditya and quite a few dudes whose names I don't know, like the dude from Bombay,Maharashtra!!:) I don't know if that huge film-maker will read this,but I won't forget her as well.Size does matter. And our very own Surtis - Dipti,Janavi,Gaurav and Ayan.A post definitely lined up on this.

It is things like that make me feel that God must have done some error. Something, anything which has mass and occupies space is matter, nothing else matters! I'll explain. Unless something is really important, it doesn't matter to me. What matters to me now is the experience. I'm like that soldier who waited for 99 days and then left, in Cinema Paradiso. Those who've seen the movie will understand.

6. Something really interesting and important coming up. Things should be clear in a week or so.


Komal Mehta said...

hey ive recieved no mail from you......

kunaal said...

the screein went off well. took more than care of it.....

kunaal said...

ya will make sure the juice is worth the damn squeeze.....pretty hyped up right now....hopefully some miracle will happen....i'll trust it to my genius...

Anonymous said...

Hey macha i know u spoke well ,but u spoke too well for the other ppl to make out da,i think thats the reason neways nikhil this calls for a treat.

May ur innovativeness live forever and ever and ever thats too much of blessings from me.cya

Arjun Sharma said...

Sahara pranam!! (God that's funny!!) Hegidira? En samachara?

By the way, will you, or have you, put up your documentary somewhere? Is it, ahem, public domain information? Or do we have to watch it legitimately somewhere? Either way, naan nodbeku.

Congrats on the third place. Sympathies for the pic. Yes, the 'rape convict' tag is prefect. For everyone there. [obligatory smiley here]

Arjun Sharma said...

By the way, "The argumentative Indian" odtidini. Channagide. Amartya Sen isn't quite the irritating NDTV-type 'intellectual.'

Ellie said...

Hey....what other movies lined up in production?? You plan to finish one before you say...buh-bye??

Nikhil said...

Mail sent and you replied!
Will wait!
thanks fellow dreamer of the free world for all the running around!
Can I have a post on the movie company blog about the screening?!
Sad I missed it!

It's ok Pandu. I had huge fun there!!

[the obligatory smiley]
A formal welcome!!
Rt noe searching for a book on Distributed Systems!
Though I have Sen da's book,it'll have to wait!!
PL seems to bring out the best in us!(Rem. Bakra?!!)
Let's see!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Nikhil, I came to your blog after a long time, and want to wish you a huge round of Congratulations!! Well done indeed!

And yes, the first paragraph is crap! Thanks for the warning! :)

Nikhil said...

Thanks again.

P.S.So, I write good crap,don't I?!