Monday, April 10, 2006

Little by Little

This post was not meant to be written, but is still being written.

Had a good last few days.

1. Wrote the lyrics for the farewell song. Shot the video and sang a couple of lines as well.
More on that soon. It's ok, I shake my head a lot.

2. Slept well.(That says a lot!)

3. Cleaned my room(That says even more!).
Plan to charge people for the time they spend in the hygienic comfort of my room!!.

4. Project prelims in two hours' time. I better not talk about it. There are some things which others cannot understand and and a few things I don't and won't. It's better we leave it at that and try not to be too preachy.

5. Meeting parents over the next weekend to discuss something important.

Noel Gallagher was prophetic, philosphical (and high?!) when he wrote this song. The phase I'm going through now and those horrible four hour labs every Friday evening are piling on my misery and I'm afraid it might culminate into something really good for me, getting away from the drudgery of this fake propriety,pretence and imposture. Noelbhai, here's to you!!

Little by little
You have to give it all in all your life
And all the time I just ask myself why
You're really here

By around this time next week, I'd have asked myself why I'm really here and would've found an answer. Crucial times these!! But a few things still bother me!!. Here's to Noelbhai again!!

You know I didn't mean
What I just said
But my God woke up
On the wrong side of his bed
And it just don't matter now

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