Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ek Sapna Lekar - Our own campus song!!

Listen people, literally!
To this song.

To download,

Username : railneer
Password : laloo

The song has no relation whatsoever with the choice of the username and password!

I have suo moto decided to call our band - !Xobile as a tribute to Russel Peters!!

Bharath J,EC,BE IV;
Jojan V Jose,ME,BE IV
Mrinabh Dutta,CO,BE IV
Nikhil Kulkarni,CO,BE IV( Me,of course!)
Shubham Srivastav,Btech II.

Produced by 10+3i
Music and Tune.. Bharath and Joji
Lyrics.. Nikhil and Joji(some hindi words from hari)
Synth.. Bharath
Voice.. Joji(some chorus by Nikhil)
Lead guitars.. Mrinabh
Bass Guitar.. Shubham
Recording.. Kenny
Editing.. Bharath and Chinsi

About the song

The song 'Ek Sapna tha' is a typical campus song which echoes the sentiments of us final year students who are about to leave the college in a few days' time. The song talks of the good, bad times we spent together and also looks at the future, about how the money we'll earn is no of value compared to the evenings we spent together.

Must admit that the lyrics though are a little on the paler side, but that was the best I could come up with. That I am a South Indian is no excuse, but somehow we were hardpressed for time and that whole project came off in two days flat speaks a lot of our commitment. Seriously! I guess none of us slept for those two days and that morning when we recorded the song on the terrace, everything fell into place so well and the world was suddenly more beautiful. Some sense of acheivement that was!

The song is quite popular in the college. Hope you'll like it as well.

We are open to all kinds of criticism. KIND Criticism we mean:)


Anonymous said...

Its a good song ... more than the song its the felings of the guys and the efforts they put in it an engineer and as a lover of mad music ..(hope its KIND) i like it ... i personally congratulate the guys for their herculian task(He he) ... keep up guys ...

Anonymous said...

the above comment is made by

B.V.Bhoomaraddi college of Engineering and Tech,Hubli
A student of CSE

Manubhai said...

awesome work guys....gr8 to know some things we started still last...hope the junior batches get inspired....kudos to the ingenuity of NITans....

Balaji said...

KIND criticism? That sure does put a constraint on the words, doesn't it? But here goes:

Good song and lyrics, but knowing Nikhil, was expecting a peppier song. Vocals could've been a bit better, but in the end the feelings are what matter. Good beginning, and keep the albums rolling. And for heaven's sake, dun leave the college on such a morose note. Tune something more vibrant that you'd carry along for the rest of your lives.

kunaal said...

i criticise here
and very kindly too.

Arjun Sharma said...

I think all these people above know Nikhil. They can't be anything but kind.

Me too.

Anyway, cool song, bacchalog(sorry, remembered Anil Kapoor for some reason). Very nice, nostalgic tune. And, Nikhil, no, your being South Indian, or whatever other excuse you mentioned, doesn't come through in the song.

I'd like to call it a 'driving song.' You know, when you're on those endless stretches of national highways and it's 3:30 PM and the sun is beating down upon you, but it's still pretty cool. This is the kind of song you'd like to hear.

I know, I know, this isn't criticism at all, it's almost sucking up. Fine, here goes nothing. I do have issues with the singing of one or two high notes. Just in one or two places. Otherwise, cool!

Arjun Sharma said...

And "!Xobile" is a cool name!! The Swahili shall prevail!!

Russell, get married soon!