Saturday, August 05, 2006

Of no fixed address!

Of no fixed address is just not the name of a book by Kaizad Gustad. It is also indicative of the way my life is shaping up. I have lived an entire lifetime in the last two months. Of no fixed address is an enjoyable read. One doesn't have to be drunk to enjoy reading this book, while one definitely had to be drunk to enjoy his masterpiece Boom though. Will kill myself if I don't post about my recent trip within the next 72 hours.

A few pointers to the posts to come.

The trip route
Pondi->Chennai->Mumbai->Ahmedabad->Rajasthan->Ahmedabad->Mumbai->Chennai and finally Pondi.

Places visited

Haji Ali, IIM-A, NITIE, Akshardham, Rajasthan, Ambaji, Adalaj ni Vav, Film City Goregaon.

More in the posts to follow.


sanjay jha said...

just discovered that my film is in your fav-film list,thanks.
if possible put PRAAN JAYE..films blog link to your blog and write your review or coments on the film,looking forward to read them.

Meghna said...
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Meghna said...

Didn't like the book too much.
He does not have a tale to tell, Gibberish, Drivel,Large cast, Lousy script.

Aalekh said...

dude you might wanna put this snap on your photo blog

Aalekh said...

oops couldnt get it right! just check my blog and you will see the snap below

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