Friday, September 01, 2006

What are you writing about?

[ OK, I have returned to regular blogging. Here is the comeback post ]

Now, there are few important decisions I have to make. Of course, some decisions I've made previously have proved costly. One of them for example was my decision to buy Maximum City . About sixty pages into the book and I realised that it was indeed a costly decision, about sixty rupees maybe. But even with books like this come with good memories. I bought that book when Bharath and I met Kiran Karnik in Hubli at the IT Investors' Meet.Like every book has a story to tell, which even Maximum City has, there's a wonderful story behind our meeting with Mr.Karnik. Bharath has agreed to write a post on that soon.
But somehow I feel I should have paid some attention to Kaak when he asked me not to buy it. Somehow Suketubhai is too harsh on Mumbai. Having called Mumbai my jaan in an earlier post on my blog here, I really couldnot digest Suketubhai's verbal abuse of Mumbai. I may someday complete reading the entire book and tone down my disregard for Maximum City. But until then, it can rest on the table. Or is it on the shelf already? Great. I am now really desperate to get my hands on Sacred Games. If you committed that costly(time-wise) decision of reading that post, you'd know that I did mention about Sacred Games there.

But then sometimes costly decisions turn out to be really worthwhile. Buying Bunker 13 turned out to be one such decision. So I while I headed out for lunch trying to look for Sacred Games on the way, Bunker 13 waiting right there to be picked by me. The first fifty pages, in no uncertain terms, make me believe that it's definitely worth the wait and the weight. Rupees Two Hundred Sixtynine only, is the weight. It was almost like MM telling me - "Fuck the weight, pick up the bait!". Who is MM? Read the book.

So talking of decisions to be made, I have decided that I should blog about something new. Apart from playing predictable word-games with puns on my blog, there are many other useful things that I can write about. It'd be great if I could run a colla-blog with a fellow blogger. I know my earlier attempts like this didn't really take off, but I'm still ready to give it another shot. Here are a few subjects that I'd like to start another blog on.

1. Technology start-ups in India [ Entrepreneurship in India ]
2. The retail industry in India.
3. Business opportunities in Tier -II cities and towns in India.

I know these would require a lot of investment of time and resources, but I'll
still give it a try.

I think I'll got to bed now.To sleep, definitely not Arjun Sharma ishtyle like this. Enantheera Sharma avare?

P.S. I am planning to attend the Bloggers' Unconference at Chennai. Details
here. Anybody coming?


Lovely. Just like those days!

Wonderful. Pandit, Ankush and I will go to school again!


niki yokota said...

thanks sooo much for the wonderful music video!! i enoyed it ^^

Rithwik said...

I know that i have not been blogging much... i also know that no posts exist on my blog right now... (sheepish grin, i am reading many though.... if that makes it any better)

but i am interested in the colla-blog you plan to start... i dont know how much i can help but i would be more than happy to put in my 5 paisa...

All the best..

>>r!thw!k said...

btw... check this out if you havent already..

acumen biz-quiz questions..

Arjun Sharma said...

Somehow, Rushdie makes me fall in love with Bombay like no one else can. I've been there only twice, but those two occasions/vacations were among the most memorable of my life. That city has some kind of joie de vivre.

So, if you say Suketu-bhai has abused Bombay, I won't read that book. If someone abuses my beloved Bangalore, I won't read that either.

You lucky dog, you get to attend the unconference! I am stuck in the rigmarole of work-life here. Hegittu anta heli namge.

I will look into the matter of Dr.Ambedkar Bhavan.

Jeevan Baretto said...

Nice to see you back blogging..!!

\\ I'll be in Blore on 16th sept. Any chances that we meet??

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