Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Independence Day - II

I only have this to say. If it takes a jazzed up version of the National Anthem to market our national anthem to our youths , then God save our country instead of the Queen. Maybe I am a little old-school, finding such an experiment with our National Anthem hard to digest. I'm definitely not against any form of display of patriotism that happens these days, which is nothing but wonderfully disguised marketing campaigns, but this one is taking it a bit too far. There's a sense of aesthetics associated with any National Anthem and this new experiment trivializes that feeling. At 00:43, it has to be Gaahe Tava Jaya Gaatha and not Gaaye Tava Jaya Gaatha. If one's looking for a mistake, there you go. That's one for you. All the best Nokia, may you have more youth, feeling all the more patriotic, thanks to your initiative download more ringtones and buy more phones from you. All the best MTV. And Thank You for reminding our youth that we have a National Anthem. Be glad India, your youth have finally found you, thanks to MTV and Nokia.


Balaji R Sharma said...

Apes. Trends. Doing the in-things - hip hop and happening stuff. Phonies. We one of them too, or plain out of times to 'keep up' with times?

Nikhil said...

Out of times. There, you said it.

Milestogo said...

Chanced upon your blog from a comment you made in another blog, mentioning Suhasini Haidar.

About the remix : 1 min song.

52 seconds - we had used stop watches to ensure we did it perfect,
stand in attention - I guess the tune and the pride automatically made me do that...

Hey, did I use a time machine? Was I living in Dinosaur age?