Monday, August 25, 2008

Hazaaron Khwahishein Nahin, Bas Ek Khwahish

Dear Kirkireji,

I hope you, like I do, believe that this is your best song till date. I do not say best song ever because I believe, hopefully you also do, that there are many more such gems to come from you, both as a writer and a singer. It hurts me no end when I see such a beautiful composition being trivialised by being used in a television commercial*. I understand that perhaps you did not have as much say as folks at Virgin Records or at PNC, but this is still something we find hard to digest. Not music to our ears, if I may say.

I earnestly request you not to hurt your fans henceforth by letting your songs, either sung or written, be used for purposes other than for reaching musical ecstasy. Yes, there's an odd aberration like this one, but we know you're back in tune after this. Your songs, like this one, are music lovers' secrets, and only those in the know of it really understand how valuable they are. Please let them remain that way.

Please convey my regards to Jhingranji, Shantanuda and Mishraji.


* The television commercial in question is the new Airtel+Nokia ad featuring Abhay Deol and Raima Sen. Glad that it's not up on YouTube yet. Glad that I'm not linking to it from my blog.


Rithwik said...

Ya, I was shocked to hear it too.

On the flipside, it could be fuelling additions to the fanclub. People who havent heard it, for their own reasons(mostly, because the idiots trivialised HKA), are taking notice, I believe..

But then, those who need such gimmicks to appreciate it, probably don't deserve the High anyway! :)

Nikhil said...


Totally! A smaller fan club doesn't mean the fans are less appreciative, does it?

sahiba said...

Hey there... I do not know you.. I came to ur blog looking for the song u r talking about in this one.. I have been searching it for very long... I request you to send this song to me .. Trust me, I am also one of those music ecstacy seekers,whom u are talking of in ur blog...

Will be glad if u send me.. Thanks ya.. my email is is

Nikhil said...


Good to know of another discerning music lover. Hope we're treated to some more such wonderful music.

The email id you have mentioned in your comment doesn't seem to be correct. Can you please check?