Saturday, February 19, 2005

My Class!!!!

I commited a grave, unpardonable sin yesterday.Not only did i bunk all theory classes but also bunked the lab of the most "feared" lecturer in our department. The reason was simple ..I found no convincing reason to attend apart from the mere perfunctory physical presence. One might wonder what difference would it make if I spend 2 hours sitting in the lab, but the simple reason is that when something doesn't convince me, I don't venture into it.And what difference is it going to make on "paper"??.. I might probably get 34 if not 36 out of 50 in that practical. Now should I go on about how i have lost faith in the system.......I guess not!

What was most interesting was the reactions that my actions generated.A few who were genuinely concerned "gyaan"ed me on the negative fallouts of such actions...few looked up to me as a hero achieving the impossible.....[they'd probably have never done such a thing and must be craving for such an "achievement"!!].Most of my classmates though have given up all hopes on me because:

1.I'm the only one of the four or five who bunk(YES ONLY FOUR OR FIVE!)
2.Do "useless" things like attending quizzes, SPIC(again!!!),"committee" work in the college
3. I talk in the class !!!!
4.While the learned ones teach , I write things like this!!!

Some people never look beyond the textbooks and in our case programs and computers(yeah the monitor obscures their view i guess!!)

I'm in such a class where things like bunk, proxy or even the mention of these generates an alien feeling!! All that is supposed to happen in movies rt???. My class is more "funny" than "fun". Of course every class on this earth has its share of nerds and geeks, but when most people feign sincerity and self-righteousness, it does get a bit irritating.Though I must admit(I'm being very frank here) that initailly I had nothing but utter disdain for my class, I
did try and open up myself to their views and opinions, and how much ever i try our frequencies don't seem to match .. and I'm still trying..!!

What I cannot fathom is that none(except 2 or 3 .. I can count!) of my classmates participate in any extra-currics and neither does any of them come up with some hi-funda Project or a program! Then,what is the use of going through the motions of attending classes for mere “academic” interest and ironically enough we do not get marks . So my funda is, When you are going to get screwed anyway, why not!!

I might be taking a high(or is it low) moral ground here and just looking through my “spectacles” , but for a person who’s been never quiet in a class in my school and 11th , 12th days, this lull and inactivity seems a bit unsettling!!!

P.S. As luck would have it, the teacher whose lab I bunked took a surprise test today and needless to say, got screwed.Perhaps, I deserved that!!!!!


Anonymous said...

well ur sin was surely unpardonable.tell u what even i have had same feelins abt the nerds in my class ...but then u see that is there way of "livin it" chillax man..and keep up ur funda's coz they match wid mine :)


Anonymous said...

haha! funny blog(^o^);; u seem to be a lovable boy fun to talk with. thanx to come to my blog. see u!!

Anonymous said...

your class has its share of NERDS.?
try my class!

Kirthi said...

Ok so that was like a nice trip down memory lane for far back was that...umm lemme see abt a yr back i was sailing in the same boat...of course 4 yrs of sailing in a sinking boat does not help too much. I thought it happens only in girls' colleges where we did not have the grit to stand up to the profs (talk abt women's lib huh!!) And its not like all those servile flatterers got a gold medal from the university. So don't worry as long as u can score in theory there isn't much these profs can do anyway.